Buckcherry - Bring It On Back

“Bring It On Back” from Buckcherry’s forthcoming album Rock ’n’ Roll – out August 21, 2015

Download “Bring It On Back” and pre-order Rock ’n’ Roll:

Music video by Buckcherry performing Bring It On Back. (C) 2015 F-Bomb Records

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Javy C
Welcome back Buckcherry. Can't wait for another new batch of songs in August. They are only the hardest working band today. Refreshing to see a band enjoying what they are doing and having a strong passion for their music.
Gäby Calderon
Great Song!!!! Come back to Buenos Aires, Argentina!!!!
James Lescott
I like this band and i think Josh is a great front man but this is mediocre and lacks melody.
chokita lou
buckcherry is one of the most underrated bands
Makes me think of a badass Dennis Leary...
Gabriel Ifran
Its Only Rock n Roll but that's all we need!
BiteSize Brandi
Just saw them last night they were amazing
Chelsea Jennings
Much better than "F IT" LOL... thank you Josh Todd! Love this man! #hunks! :D
Jamie Laszlo
These guys lost me with Black Butterfly and (except for one or two songs on every album after 15) never really got me back since.
Gaston Albornoz
Come back to Argentina!!!
Robb Hotdog
Buckcherry Is the sh**. Love the new song. These guys do it right everytime.
DAVE Zacher
wanna have their vehicles and bikes ;-)
Awesome like everything else they do!
Joe Pitts
Love buckcherry they are bad ass live. keep on rocking
Love this song... Buckcherry is so underrated
Jorge Kekez
Great song... Cant wait for "ROCK n ROLL" Latin america is waiting for you guys.
Joe Walsh
amazing song. classic Buckcherry. sounds like it would be from their Black Butterfly album.
omg this is so bad...what a insult to rock n roll
Mrs.Nikki Sixx