Willie Nelson - Something You Get Through

Last Man Standing

About the album:

Last Man Standing is Willie Nelson’s new studio album. The follow up to the #1 Country Album God’s Problem Child, Last Man Standing is comprised entirely of songs newly-penned by Willie along with longtime collaborator and producer Buddy Cannon and it is one of his most personal and introspective albums to-date. An album that acknowledges the transience of time while marveling at the joy, beauty and surprise the world has to offer, Last Man Standing finds Willie Nelson rolling at a creative peak, writing and singing and playing with the seasoned wit and wisdom that comes from the road.

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Carole Tremblay
I have lost my family my 2 sons I am getting through this every day for the rest of my life and I pray for comfort from the Lord ❤️💔🌹
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mike- rayner-videos
beautifully sung willie ❤️
Colleen Lavoie
Love to you Willie...I'm going threw a lot ..And I open my phone at 3:02am in Connecticut and Here you are ...Tears of Thank you .
Love you XO
Jared Maines
thank you for the music Willie!!!!!
Heal yeah...
There is a lot of truth written in the lyrics of this song. Listen with your heart. How fitting you posted it today... It's been 2 years since Merle Passed away, and 20 years since we lost Tammy Wynette. Thank you Willie. <3
for Americans always Americans
hope you live for every my friend
David Powers
Willie still putting out great music!
Jacob Davies
Oh man that hit me right in the feels.
Jimmy Parker
Keep em coming. Love ya old fart.
Going through exactly what you sing about here as I am typing these words!!!! You posted this right On time my friend!
Thank you willie
Larry Baumer
This song hits the nail on the head, and you will never forget them, and always miss them. And never get over that loss of their love, hearing their voice, knowing they're there. Its just something to get thru. Hits ya heart=strings with the reality of missing that loved one till ya join them. Sadly beautiful song, thanks Willie!
Maria O'Neill
Ok who's cuting the onion lol. This sing made tear up
Hassene Afif
Hassene Afif
2:04 probably the most beautiful sound coming from an instrument i have ever heard , what's the instrument's name?
...once again: the one and only Willie! Thank you very much for your music. Michael
razy aussi3
Roolin it up""""""""" nice song willie
This song is beyond beautiful.Thank you Willie
simo contugi
Thank you Willie for your songs! This is very sad, but so true the words...