Emily James - Nobody's Baby

Set in the 1920's, "Nobody's Baby" depicts a young woman who comes to terms with a dead-end, toxic relationship and takes back the power by re-establishing her independence.

All music and lyrics by Emily James

Video by Ad Opus

Produced by Emily James


Emily James

Philip McElroy

Sadie Brook

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Samira 21
Love the song and the video sooo much😍😍you're amazing!❤
Ravenna Avria Niel
love it💙
Kianna Medina
Btw can I PLEASE request Time as your next music vid??? Literally my favorite song on the album. Goosebumps for days
Kianna Medina
You’re such a talented singer! I feel like an overly obsessed fan girl! Not in a crazy weird way obviously... but you should be more well known! Gorgeous talent girly
Anna P