Bon Jovi - Silent Night

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Silent Night. (C) 1985 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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I can still remember the night the first girl I ever truly fell in love with broke up with me. Sitting out in the dark in park behind my house at 2 AM, smoking a joint, crying my eyes out while this song played in my walkman on my cassette tape.

Those were the good ol' days before real life took over and I had to grow up.

Awesome song then, awesome song now.
B. Cleveland
Clearly one of his most under rated songs.
Anamarija Munro
Early Bon Jovi songs are so underrated. But they are absolutely gorgeous.
Nicole Neal
I still have this tape. 7800 deg Fahrenheit. Awesome song!
paul macedo
So many memories of !985/86 when i was 17,wish i could go back:(
This song is just awesome. A truly excellent rock ballad in every sense. For some reason, Jon almost disowns the LP 7800 degrees Faranheit. In my opinion, it is not their best LP, but one of their best. And so, this song doesn't get played anymore. My favourite Bon Jovi song is "Wild In The Streets" & this is a close 2nd. Great band & great guys. I hope Sambora can get back on board again soon!
Just an awesome underrated song by Bon Jovi!
My hero since 80's till end!
Paco Chuquiure
Really good song but what amazes me the most is the quality of the video. It is not that bad considering the era and the standard cliche video production. It has some original ideas.
Paul Pelkonen
This is early Bon Jovi. Interesting use of the new wave keyboard MTV new wave meets 70s metal. This was my first song by this band and one I still like.
great band, great song
Blackfire Adler
68 dislikes?? Why?? It's a great song!!!
Gene Simmons Zueiro
Melhor Fase Da Banda Anos 80 !
Marios Ellinopoulos
what an uderrated song. on of their best for sure!
Doug Oliveira
I just know wy some people dislike this song...this is wonderful song
Corrina Bradshaw
My first album I played on repeat my nanan bought it me. this song was my breakup song for first boyfriend. ohhhhhh the tears 😢
Michele Lee
This song still gets to me.
Alicia Christensen
It has been FOREVER since I heard this song.. the memories that come rushing back... :(
Joe Man22
At 0.30 Richie closed the wall on that woman and gave her that look that he gave all the women at Bon Jovi concerts "Flash your boobies and meet us back stage. "
stevan cambiaso
esta cancion es una obra de arte no entiendo como tiene tan pocas visitas....