The Doobie Brothers - China Grove

Music video by The Doobie Brothers performing China Grove. (C) 1996 Sony Music Entertainment

The Doobie Brothers - China Grove Смотреть онлайн
Dr Rick Sjoquist
Give me one song today that can groove it like this one. Just one.
China Grove, Texas; in the 1970s it had about 3 people of Asian descent living there.
William Sollenberger
Great song .This band would make Justin Bieber run off the stage peeing his pants.
This sounds better than the crap that passes for music these days.
Robert Pick
Great song!! Great performance!
J Mathews
I'll never get tired of that intro
These guys would have had Justin Bleeber runnin' off the stage peein' his pants.
Yes, back when Music was REAL!!  Better now than before. Simply "incredimazing" Rock on Doob's!
john smith
Is their a full video of this concert? I love these guys...
Steve Parris
Talkin' 'Bout China Grove
Denny Meroy
One of the, if not THE, best ass-kickin' bands of the Twentieth Century!!!!!!!!!!
Frank Barnes
Ladies & Gentlemen, this is how it is done!
1:41 the drummers are TOTALLY in sync.
William Sollenberger
12 dislikes .The Doobie Brothers are timeless compared to the worthless garbage out today like Justin Bieber .
Mat rix
I love this song.
KoolCat !
After the Farewell show in '82, this is my fav doobies concert. Great songs & tight performances. Also great to see Tommy Johnston back with the band.
Dave Sampson
Killer solos starting at 3:05 - absolutely nails it. He has that guitar screaming and the crowd is going apeshit - rock and roll lightning strikes at that moment.
John Costopoulos
what a band!!! Thanks for all the GREAT music, guys
kohei ishino
Tom resembles Bobby Kimball by toto lol