Poison - Nothin' But A Good Time

Music video by Poison performing Nothin' But A Good Time (2004 Digital Remaster).

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The Sega Holic
These guys must have had a ton of pussy... even more than the other Glam bands. Bless them as it seems they made their music and videos, dressed and danced, sang and played strictly for one thing, to hook the babes. Which is what most rockers start playing for- right?
I wish I had been a teen in the 80's. Besides the AIDS epidemic, it seemed like an awesome decade.
Booker T
Fuck, I miss guitar solos in music.
Shadowshard Darkfang
I always find myself blaring this song on my way home from work. Can't help it, I love it.
Kylo Stark
Back when music was positive, and not about killing yourself
Paul Gureghian
1000 dislikes ? wtf ? go drink some poison.
Wishes won't wash dishes!!!   : )  But Poison helps!!!  : )
To be fair, the guy did have the dishes way backed up. You have to be pretty pathetic to get that backed up.
I hate to be one of those old guys (I'm 49) but you really did miss out on an era in r-n-roll that was as badass as it's gonna get.OMG I first saw this band when they opened for DLR then saw G-N-R when they opened for Motley Crue
Susan Traikovich
Say what you will about Poison BUT they put out some great stuff and were always great live!!! Poison is definitely part of the top echelon of 80s elite!!
Tina Elevation
Poison was not the greatest band, but Bret Micheals was the prettiest man I had ever seen.
bought the tape at 17...still listening at 45..will be listening till the day i die..i dont care if im the only one on the planet that is..all i have to do is play this loud and im 17 again with all those memories!
joseph Birnberg
I'm 13 now and I wish i was around that time instead with all of today's horrible music.the 80s rocked!!
Play at 2X speed if you are bored....
Evan Goch
Man this song is cool.
I may be 15 years of age, but God do I love 80's music. It's better than the music we have in this generation.
Back when music was fun, energetic and awesome.  Ah...I wish I was raised in the 80's so I could experience their concerts.
i grew up in the 80s but wish i grew up in the 10s for beiber fever.
Jalissa Bunnyhop
I love guys who have long hair and still look masculine. ssseeexxyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!
I remember my brother convinced me to skip school the morning this video premiered on Mtv.