Lloyd Banks - Help ft. Keri Hilson

Music video by Lloyd Banks performing Help. (C) 2006 G Unit/Interscope Records

Lloyd Banks - Help ft. Keri Hilson Смотреть онлайн
Elise Graziano
Loved this song but forgot about it. Must a been all that pot.
Jayson Sheffield
G unit was the shit. I missed the old stuff
Wow I havent listened to this in years. I used to listen to this ALL the time. I was a fan of Keri Hilson when nobody knew who she was back then. I cant believe this was 2006. I remember when this song came out like it was yesterday, because BET had the making of this video on Access Granted.
sedric jenkins
Keri career blew up after this
Saša Pavlyuk
Keri Hilson is beautiful .
Brings back so many memories when I use to let this rock in my I touch before my moms crack head boyfriend stole it. I still want to kill em.
Lloyd Banks is the most talented rapper in GUnit. Love this.
Beezy Kawaii
my lil brother stole this album from the mall back in the day lol this was my sh*t
Arya Universe
i remember when my friend bought the rotten apple.. how we were jamming to it man crazy memories
Rome king
Lloyd Banks my favorite rapper in G unit
I was in 7 or 8th grade when this dropped ...I'm 22 now damn
Adrian Verhalen
people say that this didn't have the popularity because of the lack of mainsgteem play. but the thing is it did in fact have alot of airplay even bet had it all over. I think what It is sadly is that from 2005 on forward people just developed really bad taste in music. I mean look at the crap that's so called hip hop now its auto tuned mumbling and noises LITERALLY. I thought that YMCMB's birdmans mating call was bad . but with the crap now between each slurred wrongly uncreatively pronounced word is a. weird noise. rip hip hop. lol and they said metal would die first
Nick G
they slept on this one
What happened to Keri Hilson? I love her on this track. She's also on Clipse's "Till The Casket Drops" album. She's gorgeous and has a beautiful voice. Mad under rated!
Brittany Miles
Myspace days
Jamarcus Grey
this is a very under rated song i still ride to this song til this day
Herman Rivera
This song is the bomb!
Striving For Eternal Life
Banks on some LL sh*t.
Christopher Kaas
I agree that beat is hot. The song should have been played on the radio.  It was one of those great cuts that was never heard
Yossano Dario
real song real video so cool man G-unit for life