will.i.am - I Got It From My Mama

Music video by will.i.am performing I Got It From My Mama. (C) 2007 Interscope Records

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Julian Hong
The new song of PSY i got it from my daddy brought me here lol. THE NEW GANGNAM STYLE IS COMING BACK!
R8 Promethean
I got it from my Daddy instead.
David Boqvist
PSYs new song got me here!
Chloe Chan
who came here because of psy daddy???
Karen Smith
PSY: "i got it from will.i.am"
PSY's DADDY brought me here.
this was when william looked like a jamaican pedophile
Marceline Abadeer
PSY's new song brought me here

Akeme Cunha
Cade os BR's?
Fawn Kongsiri
Next song: I got it from my grandma
Jharna Khanal
Who didn't came here from psy's daddy??
Where u got that body from?
Mc Donalds 😂🙅🏻
Blake I.
Kylie Jenner got it from her dad...
Roll Media 3
16 million views since 2009,
Psy got 18 million views only in one day...damm
kim jin
psy song is produced by william by the way lol
allison kim
"if you pretty make some noise!"

me: keeps quiet
Tatiane Pires
Esse cara adora o Brasil, vive fazendo clipes aqui.
just here to pay tribute to this great song after hearing psy's daddy = )
Pershyia Rye
Gossip girl brought me here (._.)
Tjerk Wigerink
99% of the views he has now are here because of psy