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I'm a dead man walking here

That's the least of all my fears

Ooh, underneath the water

It's not Alabama clay

Gives my trembling hands away

Ooh, please forgive me, father

Ain't going back to Barton Hollow

Devil gonna follow me 'ever I go

Won't do me no good, washing in the river

Can't no preacher man save my soul

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We all secretly know why the band broke up. ;)
Sounds like the breaking bad intro.
Lily Glez'
Camryn was right, is a great song.
J Wilson
I'm glad the voice didn't bring me here
The daydreamer
The Edge Of Never <3 Camryn <3 Andrew <3
this book is the best !!
This song makes me wanna sell moonshine.
Camryn and Andrew brought me here :)
here for Aam and Andrew <3 <3
the edge of never
Andrew and Camryn song ❤️
Mariana Campêlo
Camryn and Andrew are so cute susfgdyg Love that book
Laurie Cook
Anyone else think he looks like Johnny Depp?
Rafaela Dantas
Andrew e Camryn, música maravilhosa, livro maravilhoso ❤
Lucas Smith
I hope the Genre of Dark Country continues.  This is the first Country act I have like and felt was authentic, since the Late and Profoundly Great Johnny Cash.  It is a shame that they broke up the music act but hopefully the Genre will stick around. Country is awful these days and this was the one bright spot.  Hell, Give them time and I bet they go back on tour...just no new material.
Hannah Blanchsky
"Gimme a bourbon on the rocks."
There was the sound of running liquid and the chink of glass hitting wood as the grizzly bartender passed me a small cup. It wasn't clean, and the bourbon looked like it was two parts piss, but I was in no position to complain. Grimacing, I tipped it back and drained it one gulp. Fire burned down my throat and landed in my stomach like a dynamite explosion, scalding my insides raw. I soon motioned for a second.
The bar was starting to fill up with people as the work day ended. A ragtime pianist was banging away while shady looking women started practicing there art, luring drunken men into shadowy rooms with half-assed smiles on their faces.
A wiry rat faced man sidled up to me, grinning and cackling to himself.
"Damn, you sure know how to drink," he whined in a nasally voice.
I ignored him and accepted my second drink with a nod of thanks.
"Hey, you know you kinda look like that Spade Forrester guy. The one killed ol' Peter."
The now half empty glass landed on the hard on the bar top, drawing a few wary looks from some of the other patrons. My hands were shaking slightly as I tried hard to ignore the bastard next to me.
"You know, the sheriff's gotta mighty high price on that son of a bitch's head. 'Nuff to let a poor miner like me retire early," he said softly.
I put on a phoney smile and pretended to laugh. "Well isn't that funny." I suddenly jumped up and lashed out, grabbing hold of the little man by his scrawny neck. My voice was dead calm, but was just a touch menacing. "Don't even think about trying anything funny you miserable piece of shit or I'll whip you until your as pink as a pig's ass."
The miner blanched and held up his hands. "I wasn't gonna try nuthin'. I swear, I was just pokin' fun, that's all," he gasped through lips that were quickly turning blue.
I threw him to the floor and turned back to my drink. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as he scrambled up and left the bar.
Good riddance, I thought to myself and drained the rest of my bourbon.
Andrew and Camryn from The Edge of Never brought me here.
Can't no preacher man save my soul. That's god damn right. 
Tia AnnLenae
Johnny Depp is amazing man.
Magno Formiga
The Voice brought me here.
Debra Parker
the band is bad ass / music is ,  in my opinion , a little bit of Blue Grass , Southern Rock  ,TRUE MUSIC FROM THE HEARTI  ENJOYED IT
- Alaska -
The Edge of never brought me here too. God, I finally understand why Cam loves this song so much. AMAZING.