Fifth Harmony - :60 with Normani

:60 with Normani

The clock is ticking and the answers are flying. Vevo’s new ‘:60 With’ show puts artists in the hot seat, demanding quick responses to cool questions – a wild ride for the interviewees and fans who want to know more about them. How many can Normani get through?

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normally is so sweet ♡♡♡♡♡ i love them so much
Thug Harmony Yo
She's so elegant... no matter how much she enjoys a good twerk now and then lol
Abymilde YT
01:03 Ally: "You so dumb." lol I love Normally!!! ♡♥
Dymond Tatum
My Normally heart is sooooo full and happy rn
Lol only 60 seconds. They know we'd watch 60 minutes of Normally being super positive and adorable right?
Andrea Marie Jael
I just love how Mani says "Allyson" omg 😍
Taty Schettini
mani is so precious 😍
precious robertss
I'd love to see Normani twerk to classical music
Samiyah Sutherland
This one has nearly 100K views less than the one with Lauren in it. No surprise there.
Imani Kissi
When Normani said myself or Allison I was like who is Allison forgetting Ally is short for Allison lol
bren bell
Awww such sweeties! Love them so much. So pretty, so cute and so adorable. NormAlly 💕😊
Matheus Coimbra
"Camila, she be pretty dirty" lmao 😂
Angélica Calheiros
Normally is always so, so cute! <3
Sometimes Normani looks like Nicki Minaj :D
Rochelle B
They are becoming my fav couple in the group slowly but surely. It used to be Norminah but Normally is getting stronger and stronger. haha They act like real sisters.
Andrea J
Normani is so beautiful and amazing person I love her 💖
yay! they are so cute!
Kimmy Marie
SHE SAID HOUSTON!!!!💖💖❤️❤️💜💘💙💙💜💜💞💕💕💘💘 I LIVE IM HOUSTON!!!!💜💜💖