blink-182 - Adam's Song

O Meu Canal de Games
I never thought listening to this song almost 20 years later...
FirstTime ISawJupiter
Please tell mom this is not her fault that line still strokes a nerve
Fani Berg
Br 2018 💕💕💕✌
Ms Deathbat
Got "tomorrow holds such better days" tattooed on me today ❤️
Andrea Robyn
I'm not even a blink fan and this song gets to me every time I hear it.
"I used to think the worst thing in life is to end up all alone. It's not. The worst thing in life is to end up with people who make you feel all alone." Robin Williams.

To anyone feeling lonely, or sitting in their room/house by themselves, you're not alone. There are thousands, if not millions of us out there just like, wondering if anyone cares about us anymore.
Especially Pure
"Sixteen just held such better days, days when I still felt alive" TOO RELATABLE
Suspected Alien
Tried to kill myself 4 months ago but this is my ringtone so when my friend called when he found my letter i just dropped the gun and started to cry i was found there later by Kyle and my wife Emily and they just hugged me and cried and I am finally seeking help for this and I hope anyone feeling like this realizes from this song what the consequences are from suicide like I did
Total Chaos
Who still listening 2017 👍👍👍
Ох Ноу
Среди тревог и вечной грусти, стань мне антидепрессантом
Wish the audio was louder.
Rock Classics
Uno de los sobrevivientes de la masacre de Columbine se suicido en el año 2000 por esta musica
King Head
I'm 16 and can't wait to spend time in my room alone
Finnie Mac
Man I miss being a kid and not knowing the meaning of these songs but just jamming out instead
Josh Adams
I was just getting my license at eighteen when this song came out. Everytime i listen to it, it reminds me of my teen years. I think we all go through such a flood of emotions in that period of life, and one can feel so alone and isolated. Sometimes we want to just be alone, but then other times we push hoping someone will answer with a push back. So many kids run away and most of the time they are just trying to run away from themselves, only to find once again that they are still there. Things can be hard in life, but its our own fear that we can't face it or overcome it that we are running from. If we take courage and don't forget it, then we can face all the things and situations life will throw our way. There is no safe space to go to that will keep us. We have to keep ourselves, and let the rest go past.
Auren Viljoen
"Remember the time that I spilt the cup, off apple juice in the hall, please tell mom that its not her fault" is the most personal lines of lyrics that ive ever heard
Adam Sechrest
I miss the 90's!
ADHD Infected
Honestly one of my favorite songs. My mother used to play a lot of Blink 182 songs when was little now I'm 15 and these songs have returned to my life.
If anyone’s wondering what this song is about;

A fan wrote a letter to them before he committed suicide. So, they made this song for him.
Vau Boy
Now Adam will live forever :'3