blink-182 - Anthem Part Two

Music video by blink-182 performing Anthem Part Two. (C) 2001 Geffen Records

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Mykie Howell

we know you were that guy in high school
TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft
that radio edit kills me everytime
Dammit Tom, Why did you pick UFO's over Blink 182 :(
Robby S
RIP toms voice.
Jeremy Ryder
everything really has fallen to pieces 😢😢😢
Ron Alderhoffer
as the massive blink-182 fan i am, I was soo excited when i listened to the song's intro in boyhood
such an underrated song. the intro is awesome
You know their a great band when they dedicate a song to a kid who got a boner in PE.
Alley Bugarin
"There was a kid in my class that got a boner in PE class, he was wearing sweat pants, it was really embarrassing, so this song goes out to him"
one of my favorite lines ever
Jerome Cullen
I like Part Two more than Part One
Lázaro Adrián González Montoya
I was scared about my headphones in 2:25
madeline rose
me: recognises this intro faster than I recognise my own name
Brent O'Connell
x2 speed when on stage. I have experienced it. There is no stopping it.
alina g
best. band. ever.
Cody Cash
we all know that kid in class was you Tom.
Nats G
blink182' s mentallity makes me so curious
Twiggy Trash Tunes
This is the best I've heard from Tom live :D
Imma Pretender
I found this song in a porno once
the same cannot be said for today's teenagers
it would be "Young and hostile, also stupid"
młody starzec
I want to be in high school with Tom Mark and Travis ;c