blink-182 - Dammit

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that radio edit...
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bloo jkl45
2:19 <3
Fani Berg
amo essa música
Samuel Mracka
Well I guess this is blowing up!
Kayne Jacques
Vevo censors swearing

But everyone's gone
And i've been here for de longe
Eazy E
who's the blonde?
Well they did not synced the guitar right at 00:04 haha
Jeff Hardy
Mark is the only one remaining original member of Blink-182

Mr Eighty
First time I saw this video I thought "This is too late 90s." Now its my favorite era
GoofyGonzalo OCP
A treasure feature that makes me love Mark more is: A typical artist will change their style of music according to the audience's personal pick. This is probably not Mark's biggest song anymore. What's My Age Again? or I Miss You may have passed it. But this was a song that really put the band under a world spotlight. Mark did not say "I'm half-yelling in Dammit. I will now yell in all my songs. It'll give people a Dammit vibe." Enema of the State (Blink's next album) came out, Mark did not go with what got him big. He went with himself. I'm not saying the only reason this song is big is for his half-yelling. I'm just saying, he didn't consider trying to reenact this fine song with a slight different rhythm. I don't think Enema even had a single track where he yelled. He still had his mellow signature voice he has carried since Cheshire Cat (The album 3 years younger than this song). Mark Hoppus is no sell out. He meets his audience half way, not too close like a sell out, not too far like an outcast. That grey line isn't easy to hit. It takes hard work.
Side note, he kind of went back to yelling in his newer music from Blink 182 (self-titled), to +44 (Mark's other band after Blink's hiatus), to new Blink, but I loved it. It's so (melod/harmon)ic. For the fact that yelling didn't become his way of gaining a new signature. It became his way of responding to his music style change to alternative. Of course he's gonna yell. He's passionate for his taste.
Rafael Buzolin
Happy 20th anniversary!!! This band will always have a place in my heart.
Pedro Rocha
This should be the main hit of Blink 182, not All The Small Things.
Testing person
Marks reaction when he sees his ex girlfriend was priceless...
Stocks J
Eminem not rapping anymore? geez
Caesar Orzell
Mark sounds really aggressive and emo here
Gym S
2:19 "I love you"
nicolas loaiza
todos hablan ingles menos yo
Lizette Flores Flores
i love tom delonge