Plain White T's - Pet Sematary (Frankenweenie)


Plain White T's - Pet Sematary (Frankenweenie) Смотреть онлайн
Declan McCartney
I like both versions in different ways, this is why I love music, you don't have to choose between them, just enjoy the variation
If you like this version better than the Ramones version then you have been sedated.
Joshua Orro
Daniel Raya
Does anyone else think the opening sounds like the main riff in Don't Fear the Reaper?
Gloom Shift
I don't get why people are fighting over which cover was better. To me, they are both pretty awesome. I actually like the fact that this band tried something different with the song instead of completely copying the Ramones.
Ezee Gunner lml
Estaba tan enganchado con el tema original, escuche esto y me dieron ganas de pegarme un escopetaso..(?
J Rogan
Hey haters, shut up. If you reheard the song from The Ramones it too slow. The Ramones are classic but this one match is really, really cool. And The Ramones was for Stephen King movie adaptation of one of his horror,. This version is more for a family friendly audiences and it didn't need all the depressing part of the original because Frankenweenie is a great and Oscar snubbed film. It was with a bunch of emotions and would you want to hear a supremely depressed that come from a band no kids of our generation might have even heard of. This version like Frankenweenie (2012) was revived from old things but with a really great major different. So for all the haters hope you get buried in a pet sematary
Tony Bowler
The Ramones have got them beat on all fronts on this one... PWT is way too clean and over produced.
J.C.C. Tutoriais
voice to girl
Edgard Ucha
It's a cool version! You can't compare with Ramones. The band plays the way they would had made the song. Take it or leave it, for my taste the band sounds AOK! Regards from Buenos Aires,Argentina
Dr. Ake
Wow...this sucks. The Ramones version has a better beat and better guitar. Good guitar makes the song. RIP Ramones!
fabian barajas
This could be the worst thing . I've ever heard . WTF dude....
douchebags. the singer and drummer especially.
Alex S
Other voice pleaaaaase. This one is too gay
shaynese havens
Aww frankenweenie! Made me cry, the Misfits should have gotten together again and cover this song..again haha R.I.P. Ramones!
Gijs Jochems
This cover is way better than the original. The singing of Ramones is quite bad in my opinion, no hate just love.
Wow...this has never happened before. A band singing another band's song for another movie. Interesting...
Alicia Rabbit
everyone is whining about the original, but guess what people!? people make covers of songs! some of the classic songs you know are actually covers of little unheard of bands! so shut the frick up! If you want to hear the originals, GO TO THAT VIDEO AND WATCH IT INSTEAD OF LOOKING UP COVERS
Lucas Eufrásio
i dont like this version is too much pop, the music lose force
this song has nothing to do with the movie theyre singing about too.