Plain White T's - Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

Music video by Plain White T's performing Hate (I Really Don'T Like You).

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Showbiz CEC
Thot Patrol Chief Nom Dizzle
Damn Deliah what did u do to him??
Taco Time
I guess New York didn't work out for Delilah
Brayden Adam
Saints row 2 anybody?
whats that odd looking contraption at 0:08?
Killjoy Pilot Falling Out to a Disco!
Um Delilah what the hell did you do?!??!?!
Arthur. Florence
This sounds better in Saints Row.
anyone else heard this first from saint's row 2
must be played for one very good reason one of the side missions has you riding in a septic truck spraying shit on people's houses
Banzaïï ! Studios
OMFG ! This is really the best song on Saint row 2.
Slade Wilson
I remember this song playing every 5 minutes on MTV along with Welcome to the Black Parade, Love like Winter, and Lips of Angel.
Brandon Hense
Saint Row 2 brought me to songs like this. Anybody else get here the same way?
A new sighting of a rare specimen: The "flip phone", in it's natural habitat.
This is how I feel after being friendzoned
Guwop Sensei
Saints row 2
Kitteh TV
salty over Delilah I see
Cameron Muise
the lead singer looks kinda like howard from big bang theory XD
Joel Olvera
2016 anybody, saints row 2, agents of mayhem?
Ah, the mid 2000's, the edgiest period of music
Squidzrule Gaming
Saints Row 2 <3
tristin rowland
I send this to all my ex's