Plain White T's - Making A Memory

Directed by Mike Venezia

Plain White T's - Making A Memory Смотреть онлайн
Sophie Rose
watching this in 2017 and see a flip phone
Cookie Monster and me:3
i cant believe those were the popular phones a while ago it seems like so long ago but if you think about it it isnt that long ago
Michelle Katus
2017 still listening to them
Hanne l-/
Did anyone else call Mimi's number?
Know this from Greek series <3
cj v
the lead boy looks like andrew mccarthy
Настя Сахарова
I'm crying c:
Yashica Francis
Am I the only n who was smiling like an idiot through this whole video?
Morgaine Jones
All of Plain White T's songs play with my emotions. This one the most! Thank you for making amazing music! :D
Liam Dae
XD where did it take you?
Neo Edition
Prom Night :)
JaCee Music
I like
this is so cute!
Laser Cat
forever alone
beginning is the best part
Kitty L.
odd, the name on the paper is my friends lol and she spells it the same way xD
thony kafuako
what's the movie??
jesse garcia
Im getting the album yes finally
Grace Everton
Im in love with the dorkiness of this.