Five Finger Death Punch - The Bleeding

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Music video by Five Finger Death Punch performing The Bleeding.

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I hate when people say that metal is just pointless screaming. If people listen to the lyrics they would understand that there is enough meaning in one song to tell you how the band is feeling. What annoys me most is that people who say that are people who mostly listen to rap.
You can hear it in his voice that this song has a deep meaning to him
alexia navarro
this was my very first 5 finger death punch song! after this I couldn't get enough, totally fell in love with their music!
Kia Sophia
I'm not the best looking girl in the world, BUT I AM faithful and as loyal as a dog.... I would never cheat and I would stay by your side. I don't understand why nobody cherishes faithfulness anymore. Kinda sad....
“When we were over in Iraq playing our USO tour in Iraq, I had one soldier come up to me, and he laid a burnt iPod down on the table. He didn't ask me to sign it. He wanted me to keep it. I looked at him a bit funny at first. He told me one of his closest friends went out on a mission and didn't make it back. Let's leave it at that. When they found him and his things, his iPod was stuck on "The Bleeding". The last thing he was listening to before he went was one of our songs. I literally teared up. I had no words at the time. It gives new life to your soul that you mean so much to another person. Growing up, music was all I had so it speaks volumes.” - Ivan Moody
Trevia McCoy
wow is all I can say. an angels voice with the devils edge. love it!!!!
Bitter/Sweet Lunacy
This is one of the few songs that'll never get old to me.
Guitar Cinema
when I broke up with my gf I just played this song 2 her
Chris O'mahony
their best album ever idc what anyone says this shit is what made FFDP their other albums are ok but this is their crowning achievement
Deer Slayer
why is every drummer shirtless??? lol
This whole song is about his girlfriend's period
Eyeless Jack/Uchiha
Ffdp always hits home. They talk truth
Science is Awesome!!
I love this song sooooo fucking much!!!!!!!! I remember I was in my junior year of high school when this album came out
robert miller
I remember I had a girlfriend once...
Eric J. Botelho
I literally sang this song for a year. This song literally hit me hard because it brought a lot of bad shit that I went through with my ex wife. One day I just bawled my eyes out and felt so much better after I listen to this song.
juliet beneke
As wicked as you are, you're beautiful to me.
you're a raider, legendary!
Still trying to figure out what started it all at 1:49
Dylan Hillyer
is that Danielle Harris in the video?
AngelWithAShotgun Cx
Just got out of an abusive relationship.. I couldnt be anymore relieved than I am now.. He was nothing but a piece of shit.. This song hits home and all I can do is scream and cry..
Alex Chambers
My sister and her boyfriend went through a lot of the same shit in this video, funny enough, he is actually friends with Ivan moody....