Roxy Music - Love Is The Drug

Roxy Music’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album will be released on 2nd February 2018 as an expanded edition including rare and unreleased music.

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Music video by Roxy Music performing Love Is The Drug.

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Why was the eye patch hip in the 70s? I mean David Bowie sported one or was it obligatory for a Rock star to poke themselves in the eyes?
I've heard a few covers of the song but never the original song. I think I've enjoyed every version I've listened to, don't think you can go wrong with this.
Suzanne Delaney
When I was having my daily radiation treatments for throat cancer, I hummed this to my self while I was strapped into the mask. Ten years later, I'm alive and well, thanks to my great doctors. But I do believe love was the drug and it will always be my mantra.
Michael Romano
I want this bassline on my tombstone.
Fine-Business Astronaut
dig those chicks in the stewardess outfit
G. Christopher
Funny how Roxy were always ahead of the game when it came to music.Every one always emulated their music.They weren't the founders of glam but they pushed it through in 72 or so.Than this song kinda pushed Disco through.Punk rock which was a rebellion yet became an off shot of Glam came into play in 77 78.Than Avalon came out and Spawned the romanticism era of the 80's.They influenced if not are the most influential group next to the Beatles I'd go as far to say?
Willie Stroker
its a shame EMI cut this video short.. the end is the best part..
lol this guy looks like The Governor from TWD haha
cool song tho
Jose Jonez
Trolling had a whole different meaning then.
299 people are clueless.
Mike Inglese
sucker punch had a good version of this song
Ann Thorpe
I'm only 13 and I just can' t tell you how much I love Rocksy Music. None of my fiends get my taste in music but it doesn't bother me one Iowa. Personally I think it's a vindication of my good taste. Like so why would I listen to Lady Gaga, Nirvana, Rizzle kicks, The Moron Culture and O.B. City? I mean some of them still like 1D! Like, hello?????! I like a lot of classical rock, like Rocksy (obviously!), David Bowie, Lou Reed and The Velvet Underpants, Classix Nouveaux, The Clash, Gary Glitter, Pink Ffloyd, Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard. I've got a big poster of Rocksy - taken from around the time of For your pleasure - on my bedroom wall. I think Brian Ferry looks really sexy in this photo but if I had to choose the sexiest guy in the band that would have to be Bryan Eno, without a doubt! My best friend says that he is going bald in this photo and that Ferry looks a lot like a slightly less inbred Prince Charles. I SO beg to differ on both counts. I wish I was around when they were still alive but I just feel so lucky to have discovered them at all.
Ted Hackett
Bryan played the song for the Thin White Duke the day before and he got so excited he exploded and blew off a hot load shot before Bryan could dodge and SPLAT! Right in the old ocular marble. Ooh, that burns.
Kit Tona
When I first saw this, as a teenage girl, I thought Bryan Ferry was without doubt the sexiest human on the planet. In the universe.
Then I saw Paul Newman playing Ari Ben Canaan in Exodus....
Then I saw an actual video clip of Suzi Quattro singing Can the Can....
Then I saw Jimi Hendrix play guitar with his teeth.....
What can I say? Teenage girls are fickle.
Mike Brock
I assumed this was a modern song I think they were way ahead if it's time.
Anyone else remembered this song in Casino?
the blonde has a nice face but the brunette has a better ass....I'll take both of them  ; )
Suzanne Delaney
When I was strapped into my mask for my seven weeks of daily radiation treatments, I listened to this song in my head. It saved me, and ten years later I'm still alive. I pictured Bryan with his eye patch -- love you, honey!
Bill Day
This came out way the hell back in '75??!! Holy shit, the combination of the band's sound and overall appearance makes this vid look very similar to the '80s glam rock music videos that came almost a decade later. Roxy Music were truly ahead of their time!
Matteo Russo
I don't know what the drug is Bryan but you shouldn't be taking it if it took your eye out