Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning

Roxy Music’s groundbreaking self-titled debut album will be released on 2nd February 2018 as an expanded edition including rare and unreleased music.

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Music video by Roxy Music performing Both Ends Burning.

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Clearly, the blueprint for Duran Duran's sound.
Mike Drennan
Not a big Roxy music fan But when I was 13 years old Loved Love is the Drug. However when I first heard this song, blew me away! Both Ends Burning is my Absolute Favorite song by this band Hands Down!!
Thomas Mcdonald
Glasgow Apollo in 1973 never had a problem..........Viva Album.............just class
Michael Hegyan
Saw, Ferry in concert, Detroit, `77, w/best friend, photographer, Ross Marino!
Bill Gedeon
This song and the style here were the touchstones for legions of bands..You can't deny that..
One of the many great songs that are all about drugs.
Geoff Simpson
Saw Roxy play this tune live in Manchester (UK) in 1975 it was all about the brilliant musicianship / showmanship of Eddie Jobson and Bryan Ferry's excellent delivery and charisma. Roxy soon became mainstream after Jobson's departure as he migrated to his true calling in the Progressive Rock arena. Great version of this classic tune from Siren.
mark roberts
Used to sneak into my big bruvs room to play this album in 77.A monster of a song.
In those clothes, Bryan looks like Rimmer from Red Dwarf and the backup singers look like Tegan from Dr. Who.
Carla Harris
The Best Song Ever Written!!!
Truly awesome,,,,,,,,intensity :O) God I love this song :O)
Ricardo Dominguez
Viva! Roxy Music
I prefer the longer version of this, from the album. But still an awesome track!
@petsounds David Bowie is great as well of course.
anthony scully
i never interpreted it that way. but i can see how it could be regarded as being about addiction
Andy Faith no More guitarist
This is my favorite Roxy Music song <3
Jackie Blu
Blah blah blah,I'm here for the sounds nowt else.....both ends burning!!!
Paul Fodz
It's a shame that you never remastered it before posting this faded version as it's a great song
John Field
coolness and class personified
Shocking Blue fan Andy Nirvana
This remains one of my all time favorite Roxy Music song,along with Ladytron