Bryan Ferry - Tokyo Joe

Music video by Bryan Ferry performing Tokyo Joe (1977 Promo Video).

Bryan Ferry - Tokyo Joe Смотреть онлайн
I am Japanese and love this song. But, I think that the melody of this song is closer to rather Chinese one than Japanese, maybe. So I want to call it Beijing Joe. Shanghai , Hongkong is also good.

However, I also cannot distinguish Englishmen from Germans. Everyone is the same. Ha, ha, ha.
stephen dwyer
The good ol days in Australia when a 9 year old girl could walk into a gunshop and buy a bazooka and a machine gun
Hiroyuki Sasaki
Leifur Magnusson
In MY MIND oh yeah. Jealous of Bryan the new creative genius ...Mick Jagger was working his Charms on this tour on Mr Ferry's Wife....Jerry Hall........fine.... he set himself up! Bryan was friendly with this jerk! Mick was also Jealous about the Genius of Bryan and his new musical avenues...........i am sorry to say. Bryan"s kids with her would have been much more ideal in the long run ......(yes kids with Jerry Hall and Bryan Ferry would be best)................but Mick knew the TRICK let HER wrestle or get goofy like a good goofy Texan ............sad. Bryan Ferry would have been the best Dad! Oh well.
Anthony Scully
he was at his best in the seventies. his voice is now very weak
Mark O'Cain
Tight ! Bryan could always get the best talent to back him in those days. Even the string synth sounded good live. Pretty rare back then.
Christopher Jones
This song is just sooo cool - and Mr Ferry's performance is even cooler - The dude is as smooth as Belgian cocolate. Ah-so!
Jo Eland
Lovin them leather pants there bry !!!
Elaine Symes
Fave off in your mind album
Can't hear it
Ay Sal
*luther series 4: ep. 1 - 2:42 into the episode
Cody Jarett
@FlooferHunter Yes , it's is :)
Tom van Dauven
and a worse quality and that for a record company
Dani Rocksaurier
sound much too quiet
I like the part at 1:46
Ian Wyse
Cool as , well you know what I mean !
Kandelise Kandle
She hoki coki 'till the cows come home! Love it!!