Bryan Ferry - Windswept

Music video by Bryan Ferry And Roxy Music performing Windswept.

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Just saw him live. He's still so gorgeous. 😍
Erik Gloor
An oldie, but a goodie
Guy Budziak
Love this tune, always have, always will. That said, the visuals are overly precious, pretentious twaddle. The Eighties produced more than its fair share of such.
I used to listen him so much. ♥️
Cosmic Creepers
Bryan ferry in or out of Roxy Music is pretty fine by me, no matter what Bryan Ferry puts into anything always comes up pure gold, a classic musician that will never be replaced by any other artist.
I love the song and the video especially the bass player v the lead guitarist
2:22 Clyde Drexler!
pio primo
Bass player.....coolness personified
Jaime Bustos
Not big fan of the whirling dervishes, I know they are in a trance or some state of mind; however this song has been known to hypnotize much vagina! (please use it wisely)
This is Ferry but it is absolutely not Roxy Music, as is written above.
Gerard Kanters
awesome music
Louise Harper
what a voice, mesmorising-fell asleep last night with this playing
Donal Hanlon
Huge Roxy influence on this one 
José da Cunha Filho
Forget the musicians. I want to know who the model was. Obviously a Ferry affair. Is it my impression, or the models back in the '80's were much more beautiful and interesting than these boring women now? Turlington, Evangelista, Patitz, Schiffer, Valetta, Seymour, Otis, now it seems everyone of them is a 'supermodel', but in fact none of them really are
This a clearly influenced by avalon.
brigitte acosta russek
Meaning of this video?
Jarek Michalski
The cellist in the video is actually Guy Pratt - a great bassist who, as far as I know, never had anything to do with the cello :-) However he did record bass tracks for several Ferry's songs (not this one though).
виктор мазилов
Love all his songs!Especially covers.