Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle

Music video by Janet Jackson performing The Pleasure Principle. (C) 1986 A&M Records

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Mr. Fufferman
Is it just me or is she wearing exactly what everyone is wearing today....

Skinny high waisted jeans.
Adidas shoes.
An old looking t-shirt only its not cropped but rather rolled up.
Two words: ICONIC! (exclamation point because of the two). in the words of Ian Bernardo of SYTYCD who tried to come for Janet
Janine Cassia
She s a adorable dancer ...and beauthyffull ...❤❤😘
Normally siblings open the door for other siblings that wanna get into the industry, but Janet built her own path and opened her own door. I love how Michael and Janet always remained humble and NEVER competed with one another. You can tell that they danced and made music because it was therapeutic for them, not for fame or money. FOREVER AN ICONIC VIDEO.
Ruben Delgadillo
Who else was watching and listening to this on MTV in 1986!
Miss Jackson, if y'all nasty.
the 1st jj music video I ever watched. I was 11. still so good.
People have no idea how revolutionary Janet Jackson was to music videos. Before she came along, female artists didn't dance like this. EVER! Just like Michael made dancing in music videos cool for male artists, Janet did the same for female artists.
0 0
Bring back the styles from the 80's I miss this era classiness, phenomenal, beauty an comfortable in their own skin without all the other unecessary crap like today's musiq an videos😭😢
Taj The Great One
Get em Janet!
I remember this was the first time in music video history a woman did a back flip.
I Bramblebush
I always hated that how Britney Spears and MTV never gave Janet Jackson the credit she deserved. I mean Britney stole damn near EVERYTHING off of Janet and then would publicly give Madonna all the credit when her act was nothing like Madonna.
i used to watched this non stop doing the moves lmao
Janet Jackson is so underrated and overshadowed. It is simply sad. She is one of the best dancers. Perfection in motion.
...then J.lo imitated and got recognition for her butt as if sisters weren't already dominating.
The fact that Janet thought she was ugly is beyond me. She was and still is gorgeous.
sherwin leggett
i broke a chair in my house as a kid trying to replicate 2:20 lol
Ryu Hayabusa
30 years and I still haven't figured out what Janet's shirt says...
K Bob
what i really like about this video is that it doesn't look choreographed. feels like they just turned on the music and Janet let the beat move her naturally.
Sophia U
Man I miss the 80s so much
Mystical Dreamer
Who is watching in 2017!!