New Edition - N.E. Heartbreak

Music video by New Edition performing N.E. Heartbreak. (C) 1988 Geffen Records

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Kayla Jones
When you think every one in the group is attractive and can't choose a favorite. 😩
Brittany Fraanse
They were like Bobby who? lol
The move at 1:12 was cleeaan. I dare y'all try to mimic it. lol
Terrance Finley
Video really starts at 3:57 Biv: "walked in the party strolled to the bar play incognito like I ain't no 🌟" R.I.P "HEAVY-D"
Tony Turner
Ronnie's dance part in the beginning was dope.
Jordyn Amacker
Ronnie ❤ my baby best dancer ever💍😍
CocoaBae 86
I like their little introductions before each of their verses..."Get em Ron"..."Doin it with tha R"..."Knock em out the box Rick"...
Just Lord
4:21 Johnny snapped lol! I think him and Teddy Pendergrass had the two most strongest voices in music.
Did anybody think Mike's hip roll was sexy? I'm guilty of that. lmao.
For some reason my eyes always went right to Ronnie. I always liked the way his clothes fit him, and his dance moves always looked smoother (better) than everyone else's, even though they were all doing the same thing... Ronnie was always the "standout" to me. #NewEditionFan4LIFE!!! #RonnieDeVoeFanFOREVER:-)
Maryam Donnapp
y'all aren't giving their shoes enough attention 😭💀💀
Texas Beaute
Mike was fine on here, something about his swag! Bryshere was born for this role! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
I prefer the New Jack Swing era New Edition
Mike Lowery
0:37 Oh no Johnny, what is you doing? LOL
Jahnai Monroe.
the way Ralph slid in at 1:16 is one of the smoothest things I've ever seen 😍
Lashon C
Ralph and Ronnie was dancing for their lives 😣😍 the best looking of the group.. If I was from that Era.. I would have stalked them. lol
Hailey Allen
Jealous of my mom rn at the fact that she was 18 when this video came out 😭 Ralph was too fine 😍😍😭😭😭
mika misa
Me- "I don't think we can sing louder then you Johnny 😏😏😏
It's BeeRay
1:16 me sliding into the kitchen when I hear “dinner’s ready!”
Amari Hanifah
Everybody says Ronnie was the best dancer but I've always liked Ralph's dancing more.. he does it so effortlessly