New Edition - Cool It Now

Music video by New Edition performing Cool It Now. (C) 1984 Geffen Records

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gogotrololo 619
Girl at 3:06 lookin’ thirsty af
Keith B 444
Thumbs up if y'all watching in 2018!!!
Nicanor Mercado
Decades later and Ralph's rap verse still goes hard. Lmao.
Inna Attic Crookz
when i listen to this song i fell like doing backflips
So we just gonna ignore how easy bobby dunked that ball in his skinny jeans
Bobby always doing the most
Moana Disney
Im 13 and in love with New Edition. For some reason I like old music better than music in my generation
Bobby Brown hit the meanest milly rock 1:50 -1:54
Devonte Walker
Ralph has a voice like Michael Jackson as a kid
Diamond Adams
Back when boys was mature and sweet❤️💍
15 year old Bobby Brown looking older than the 48 year old Bobby Brown.......
American Dad brought me here
Fly Freddie
thumbs up if your watching this in 2017
S&S Nation
Who watching this in 2k18
Was his voice really that high pitch???
wot jimin
I wish music was still like this, the music and fashion during these times were amazing .. defiantly born in the wrong generation (2001)
At 3:08 they like forget what Ralph saying! Lol! Peace!
Vegan Sista
1:41 Bobby always got to be extra.
Zada Washington
2018 still my song❤
Frank Chance
Thumbs if you still hear this in 2018