New Edition - Crucial

Music video by New Edition performing Crucial. (C) 1988 Geffen Records

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Quanezia McGaughey
Ronnie has always been the best dancer...that's the reason I watch this over and over again.
Nicolas Bryant
they need to release a dvd for the heartbreak tour or something 'cause this is AWESOME!
Chocolate Smitten
Ralph always could sing and dance at the same time. Take notes youngsters.
Overdue Books and Paige's
Ralph was so sexy, he had that charismatic aura on stage. Ronnie was the most fluid dancer, amazing to witness . But, still, I can't stop watching Ralph.😍
Back to the 80s 💕💃💃💃
Amazing choreography yeah Ralph slipped but dudes stage presence is unsung 
Will Chill
Ralph is the best front man ever but he's always slipping!!!! he does it so cool most will miss it if you're not paying attention.
Dude, he has to do THIS, and STILL hit those choirboy-ish notes at the SAME TIME, maann... #teamralph
This song and the dancing sounds similar to Michael Jackson's " Live version of Another Part of Me"
britt ney
Ralph was so damn sexy😩😩
Tracie T
nice recovery at :56
Trav Vino
I always liked the album version better.
Lakeisha Lake
I see some MJ moves lol
Fyre Burn
Ralph almost busted his ass.
Ashton Singleton
license to drive brought me here lol
Probably the closest we gone get to seeing footage from the Heartbreak Tour. I wish it was on VHS or DVD or something! Im always seeing comments of people talking about how amazing it was, im sad
yo this version is the best i love it sooo much i love the choreography and ralphs vocals while dancing and sweating is just true professionalism
Aquiona Russell
I wish someone would upload New Edition Past and Present. This performance was on there and I used to have this VHS. Maaaan, the memories. Someone has that dang thing and needs to give up the goods!
Gina Woodson
they never get old cant wait for the movie counting down till the big day.
Kasyahada Exodus
over 30 year's and strong it would be wonderful to see a 2016 album of NE