Xscape - Feels So Good

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Ladies, who often do you have,

A man that makes you wanna cry,

A man that makes you wanna laugh.

Sisters, well I think I've found the one,

He does everything I like,

And knows haw to get the job done.

He makes me...

Clap my hands, stomp my feet,

Every little thing that you do to me,

Feels so good, feels so good.

Ladies, never have I felt this way before,

He makes me feel so good,

And keeps me warm.

He makes me feel so good,

So good from my head to my toes.

All the things that this man does,

Everyone should know.

And I...

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Kandi looked stunning in this video!
See ladies, this is how you can still be extremely sexy without all that twerking!!!
Stacie Jones
This was when woman were kool , sexy and smoove
Jabez Merritt
The sliding parts are my favorite part of this video. Am I the only one?
ciecie love
i love the 90's earth tone makeup too!!
JoJo Pemb
Kandi looks so pretty in this video. The short hair really works for her.
Brianna Alexis
Unsung made me remember I used to sing this when I was 4 years old!! Lol!
Saya X
This video is sexy as hell. Idc what anyone says, Xscape was the best female r&b group of the 90's. SWV, En Vogue, TLC, Total, Changing Faces, etc were good also, but Xscape was untouchable to me.
Kemia White
I love kandi hair cut
trice coop
Gone Ms. Kandi Burrrrrrris this is why Nene's moose looking ass is oozing with jealousy, Kandi been getting it in for a long time and she still looks good
Charles Turner
Kandi and Tameka Scott are pretty
Jo Dunk
latocha was always sexy but, I know that low self-esteem had a hold on her where she couldn't see it. She looks even better now. Black don't crack. They were all beautiful.
They were GIVING it to that wall lmao
Ooh Kandi! I'm telling mama Joyce!!
g star
Kandi looks really good with that short cut and makeup
j stan
one thing about Xscape is that they all have distinctive vocals i.e., range / sound etc.. but they always get the arrangement on point with every song. It all blends extremely well. 
demitris baker
They were so sexy lol but i couldn't keep my eyes off of Tameka Scott ! 😍😍😍😍
Jazman Smith
Kandi has me questioning my sexuality in this vid.
Dylan Roberts
Tiny is Beautiful! & Always damn well will be <3 lol
Daon Lee
Music hasn't been the same since the 90's