SZA - Garden (Say It Like Dat) (Official Video)

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Pat Mantle
Kittys REIGN
This video is what inspired me to go to Hawaii for my Birthday. did a little research, I went to every place shown on this vid and i have to tell you, it feels just how it looks. Best solo trip I've ever done.
Mahogany. Applebum
SZA is the definition of Black Girl Magic and she’s so effortless.
allthestxr z
why is this soo underrated like im confused
Juliana Beaugerard
Donald Glover is looking 100% attractive here I am in love
Chris Bynum
Donald Glover so chill in this music video 😂 like he didn’t just shoot 11 people in his last music video
Layla Moody
U can’t buy those lips.😍😍pure beauty
Nicki Siples
“you know im sensitive bout havin no booty bout havin no body”... damn.... i felt that
Golden Lady
The cinematography in this video is breathtaking!
Isabella Hernandez
When she refers to having no body and you're like sorry what
Kadri Guri there‘s where Childish Gambino went after running away in „This is America“
Chic Chi
I'm just realizing that this video is soo much more captivating and unforgettable because she had a female director capture her female energy. Sorry to say it but Male directors just don't know how to capture that sensitive yet strong aura like this all female artist I see male directors try to direct personal self searching female artist songs fail woefully
Koriander Yander
She's too beautiful for our peasant eyes
Nico Casamero
This song deserves a Grammy 💯
No more Shooters
Black people are so gorgeous 😍😘🙌🏾
Henry Schafer
My favourite SZA song
Fatima Mogaji
This song always makes me cry .
Vern Mckenzie
Was this in Wakanda
I love this song so much. Honestly speaking about all the insecurities that roll around in your mind before they mutate into actions that hurt us or our relationships. Before the reassurance and the self-talk, it's just this.

SZA is beautiful and her honest vulnerability is sexy af.
Marcia Kelly
Sis looks like god created her with angel kisses, fairy dust, and cocoa butter