Bon Jovi - Only Lonely

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Only Lonely. (C) 1985 UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Could he be any hotter!? Good grief...... 😍💕
Bat Levi
Am I the only Boy who likes Bon Jovi here now?
Dennis Kelley
The clothes in this look so good. I wish people still wore them.
namjoon’s ostrich neck
Bon Jovi is my all time favorite band & I love them so so much but this music video makes no sense lol.
Tina the ballerina
I can listen to Bon Jovi all night all day
This song might be 30 years old, but it never gets old. I first heard it in January 1986. I loved it so much that I went out and bought Fahrenheit on cassette a week later. I ended up loving the entire record. Ah, those pre-Slippery days, when the band came over and played for a whopping 600 people here in Finland ( no, I didn't attend, lol, I was 14-years-old and lived 250 km away from our capital...) and Jon told a Finnish journalist how proud he was of their second record because the songs were deeper.

Oh, and Jon is completely and heart-stoppingly lovely in this vid and that's all that matters to me as far as the 'plot' is concerned ;-D
nimim. Marko Mikkilä
An 80´s hard rock video with a storyline (although very vague) - superfunny!:-D What´s the moral of the story? The long haired rocker always gets the girl?:-)
Elizabeth Owens
It is too bad this album is hated by the band, because for the real fans this is the album that put them on the map! This song in particular is what made me stop and take notice! I personally think it is one of their better songs.
Sierra Lynn
Probably one of my favorite songs by BonJovi
Nadia Liz Delgado Romero
This song is amazing!!! Please Bon Jovi play these 80's songs.
Maria Cristina
John is such a beautiful person both outside and inside.
Helen Kapetis
I think the main storyline of the music video is this: the band frequently play at a club run by a sleaze who doesn't pay them for their performances. When they demand their money, the sleaze turns to his "boss" and the real owner of the club; a corrupt politician who is also in the pocket of every gangster in town. The corrupt politician gets his heavies to try and intimidate the band but Jon and the boys, being the good guys they are, call the police and all's well that ends well. Meanwhile, his girlfriend is being hassled by her parents because they don't approve of their relationship but she stands up to them because she really loves him. sob. As a result, they live happily ever after. Or something.I always thought the scenes from this music video were from a movie as well, initially but obviously not. I think this was pretty typical of the eighties though. Almost every music clip was a mini movie of sorts and had to tell a story. It's a shame that trend is gone, in a way.
Wendy Estefanía Alejandro Zapana
John and his band hated this song but my view is one of his best songs
Asesor Juan Manuel
de las mejores de 7800¹
Bekka Sawyer
He was soooo sexy
This is so 80s 😂
if i quit playing what do I got?
you sold us out
they're not nice people
MeI l Vlogs
I could die for (t)his hair 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🌈
Hedwig Simmons
That girl looks just like Joan Jett omg she's hot