Hatebreed - This Is Now

Music video by Hatebreed performing This Is Now. (C) 2003 Universal Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Hatebreed's lyrics and intensity always motivate me more than any other band. Simple stuff, but when you need a kick in the ass to get you moving, Hatebreed always delivers.
Swing This Kettlebell and Strength
one of the most sincere song lyrics I have ever heard. thank you. a decade or more ago this song has positively influenced all that I do.
this song ended my procrastination it gives 100xs the motivation
Jordan Massey
This song has gotten me through my battle with binge drinking.
Caleb Darce
jamey has such a great message!! his lyrics have gotten me through a lot!! i cant get enough
Chris Miles
I like the nice lady joining the party! We NEED more women in the pit!
Sean Arboleda
I needed to hear this today👌
Obscure Creation
There are only three things I like about my home state. It's home of the hamburger, Groton Sub Base and Hatebreed.
Simon Charpentier
When hatebreed was at the top of the hardcore scene!!!!
Anthony Ramos
I listen to this song every Morning!! Helps Get my Day started on the Right foot!! Love my Hardcore brothers and sisters Coast to Coast!!
frozinsane morison
incredible band no selling out stay strong die hard
Aaron Davis
Hatebreeds kept me alive
Splattered Coroner
Man, I remember first hearing this song after my first real relationship ended over six years ago now. This, and the rest of their catalogue, motivated me and helped to carry me through that time. Now, after all this time, I'm happily married with a respectable career and a life I never dreamed of. I do feel that a lot of that is owed to this music of these fine individuals that offered me insight and perspective that I'd not previously been opened up to.

I hate rambling about personal things like this so publicly, but I couldn't resist this time. To anyone who has suffered along this far in my running on . . . Despite where you may be in life, emotionally or otherwise, find something that strengthens you and inspires you to be something that isn't made to impress anyone, but only to better yourself.
logan mckinney
Hatebreed is a band that makes songs that SPEAK to the listener and I respect that most of all from a songwriters's point of view. It is easy to make songs about sex or money(like most figures in modern music), but Hatebreed's material consists of overcoming adversity and perseverance. Much respect Hatebreed!
Good song for quitting drugs
Juan Pena
This song was on the top 10 # list when I lived in the Dominican Rep. Great song specially moshing!!! 
I'm Mexican-American/Chicano and I LOVE Hatebreed.
Andrew Snowden
I have always liked the guitar sound these guys had. They got it right.
*kelli f*
Been a fan since before 2004.it's now 2019
danskpride Hansen
this song has a great messege! 88