OneRepublic - Vevo GO Shows: Secrets

In this edition of VEVO GO Shows, OneRepublic takes to the campus of Denver University to surprise the students with an impromptu performance of "Secrets." (C) 2010 Mosley Music/Interscope Records

OneRepublic - Vevo GO Shows: Secrets Смотреть онлайн
The cello is very cool!
Peeta Griffin
How come Ryan's voice still sounds good in those sandals?
Olalla Evans
that's my sister 0:18 i love that part omg
Kike 009
Andrish Ponce
the song starts at 2:25
lusiana mayang
This is the most amazing vid I've ever seen.. Imagine them doing a GO show in my neighbourhood or office or college OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aarón López
6:13 WTF!? What r u doing? Drop that stupid phone!!!
It's OneRepublic singing live in front of you!!!
Ricky M
i can't find one thing that is wrong with this video, but there is still 299 dislikes.
Tonja Schweder
After I saw this I fell in love with the guys, that was 6 years ago ! Just pure talent
You guys need to do this in 2016!!
ariesto besoes
oh my... that was a really pure performance.. without microphone and any electrical sound.. wow ! loved this version so much !
astrid Wm
pls somenone tell me why this guys could be so fucking talented?😍
Nishant Goyal
"my life gets kinda boooooring" part😍
shoug alharthi
I like this version better than the original
Great voice
Myra Strada
Great song. ♥
When he say "bo ou wo ou ring" at 2:50.
Ryan you really sounds great.. Love One Republic..
Cherry Cinco
Would you come to Dubai please!
Moonlit Imagination
pure talent.. the impromptu just wows me =)