Bon Jovi - Life Is Beautiful (Lyric Video)

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Life Is Beautiful. (C) 2015 Mercury Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Bon Jovi - Life Is Beautiful (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
Geovana Bandeira
I really love Bon Jovi❤
Mereidy Holguín
new album ♡ amo esta banda
"you fly,
you fall,
life is beautifu"
in love w/ this song
Rocío Rinaldi
When I was 23, the love of my life, the one who dreamed about a future together, as husband and wife; the one who imagined our future children with my eyelashes and I answered "And with your hair!"; the one that made me laughed at his crazy visions of building our lives in such a vivid way... died in a motorcycle accident in a highway.
I still remember our long talks in the middle of the night, almost 20 years later... and one of his favourite phrases when I was down was to repeat me that "Life is beautiful!" and he gave me the strength to face every hard moment I had to live along my life... When I'm down, I still keep hold on to his words... I just take a deep breath and repeat to myself: "Life is beautiful! the best is coming!"
Kermit The frog
2018 anyone?
Serendipity Citlallixóchitl
Bon Jovi por siempre y para siempre... Jon, por siempre en mi corazón.
<3 Brazil
Anna Rimovska
beautiful song , amazing is beautiful...
Mario Marco
Bon Jovi come to Brazil again please s2
Anderson Damasceno
Bon Jovi mudou muito ao longo do tempo. Aquele "hard rock" acabou ficando pra trás e deu lugar à essa pegada mais country. É bom ver esses "velhinhos" como o Bon Jovi, Europe, Scorpions... atuando de maneira surpreendente!
Viva longa ao rock!
i'm crying , , i love so much Bon Jovi <3
This record is full of fun songs while saying fuck you to their former record label. Great job guys, I can't wait for the next album! So excited to hear it's in the works.
Beatriz Krauss
Ai meu coração 😍 Bon Jovi 😎 só música perfeita .
jennifer cindy
Como sempre maravilhoso ♥
Adina Mereuta
You are miracle! 👏❤👍👏😇💕👏😘❤👍👏👏👏👏😇
Francis Guison
I like it! Life is Beautiful... indeed!
see you on Singapore GrandPrix 2015, BonJovi! I Can't really wait!
life is beautiful
Antonia Flores
wooouu los AMO!! 😁😊😍excelent music👍👆 so amazing! LOVE YOU 💖 please Come to Peru mi papa y yo somos grandes fans de ustedess ✌👌😍🙌
renan bezerra
Brazil love you ❤
Rosemeire Acosta
Muito, muito boooooommmmmm! Adooro Bon Jovi!