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(Yeah yeah yeah)

What you doin to me?

(Yeah yeah yeah)

What you want from me?

(Yeah yeah yeah)

What you doin tome?

What you want from me?

You're just fucking killing me!

Everyday people

Attempt to find the ultimate sign

As the kids come down from the road of the block

I get chills when I hear them cry

As I picked him up I cleared his eyes

If it ain't worth the try?

In these dying times it's hard to change

You're calling in my ear and I hear.

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Natasha Milan
One time I touched David's bicep for an entire second. That was a good day.
comic sans.
Theyre like a danish Twenty One Pilots
Briana Karien
Saw this song live. It was awesome!

Everyone was just like ''YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!'' and yea.
Fer Galicia
Listen 1.25 speed, takes another dimension.
not my style but holy fuck this is the best song ive heard out of the edm scene.
Summer Burns
he's got the best dance moves.
Lucy Rebecca
I'm scared that one day David will do a flip and miss the landing D: (I know he's good at them I'm just always scared about this stuff)
RododenDRONE GaminG
Does anybody else get the badass feeling of absolutely flying in their car in NFS:Hot Pursuit when they hear this?
Thomas Headley
They are just as wild live. They get a lot of music out of three people, with no tape support.
Am I the only one here who found this from an AMV
Alexa Serket
You guys were awesome at Monumentour yesterday in Concord! Best concert ever, I swear.
nfs hot pursuit😄
Ahjanai Hudson
I never knew they made this song! I used to hear it all the time!
Kuroii Samuruuku
Can't wait to see them live <3
Kasia Z.
I may have just discovered one of my new favorite bands...chill
Gleb Igonin
Anyone from 2016?
that head stand though lol insane
dalton puffer
No bassist? hahahaha
Solomon Monachan
hot pursuit got me here :)
Catbots Attack
i swear this song sounds like its the intro theme to a really awesome anime.