Bon Jovi - Scars On This Guitar

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Scars On This Guitar. (C) 2016 Captain Kidd Corp. under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Martin Jovi
bon jovi ..mi banda,,,,desde mi adolesencia la sigo,,es parte de mi vida,,pase buenas y malas y esa musica siempra estubo conmigo,,,hoy tengo 40 años ..y sigue siendo capitulos de mi vida..
forever..(bon jovi)
Kirtiraj Lahiry
This song should go down in history as one of the most honest, beautiful, extremely relatable, emotional, well-written nd well sung songs. Beautiful Bon Jovi. Always and forever your honest fan!
Alexus Layne
I grew up listening to Bon Jovi and my friends always laugh and ask how I know it's one of his songs when only two seconds have gone by at the beginning 😂 I can't wait for more music 💖 it hasn't changed, it's still so amazing 💕
GoldenWarrior Fest
He always has the perfect song at the perfect story, at the perfect time, and to the perfect person. He is a God with guitar.
He has aged so well! I'm glad he hasn't used a bunch of fillers and ruined his look. BTW I am meeting him in Feb with my mom! can't wait
Jereth Morales
Just amazing..he is still one of the best compositors of all time.. you would like more the old albums, but u cant deny this guy know how to do his job..
Phillip Lao
put this band to the hall of fame already!!!
I love how this band gets old with me. Very emotional track.
Shauna Roxx
Bon Jovi went through a rough patch in his life and you can definitely hear that in this album. I guess in life we have highs and lows and the music captures that.
Sol Gomes
My favorite band ever. This got my heart in pieces. So deeply beautiful! 🌹❤️
Anna Rimovska
really beautiful song , awesome ....
Tommy Hermawan
2016, and they still make this kind of music.... damn, Bon Jovi still rocks.....
Truly amazing!!! Bon Jovi proves again and again how great of a song writer singer that he is.
I prefer Bon Jovi to win the icon award instead of Green Day. Just my thoughts. I will forever be a fan, Bon Jovi! :-)
I want to meet him so bad!
Anderson Damasceno
Fantástico Bon Jovi! Sempre surpreendendo!
Vasilis Jovikos
So I thank my lucky stars...That this band exists...Bon Jovi Forever...
TheVerytex - Atomic Thrill Gaming
I like this song. ☺ Good work Jon.
Kurt Donald Cobain
Cade os Br que curtem da boa musica?
VUK Theories
It's sad to see him getting old :( But like the wine, he gets better as he ages :)