Bon Jovi - Reunion

Music video by Bon Jovi performing Reunion. (C) 2017 Captain Kidd Corp. under exclusive license to Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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jai Shrivastava
bon Jovi is amazing rock band...with pure music and lyrics...anyone agree???
Matheus Silva
Bon shows that rock don't deserve to die. Musics like this one at this days are rare to find.
krzesław Nowakowski
Perfect song to start a day
Laís Estivalet
Bon Jovi is the best ♥ #Brazil
Miru D. Morgan
you're a gift to the world Jon Bon Jovi😍❤
Marco Clalüna
Jon Bon Jovi for President...............
Kayla 2002
Not even a minute in and already in tears.....
This reminds me of the video for "Who Says You Can't Go Home". Just good people doing good things.
English Minion
ok why are people going on about Jon Bon Jovi losing his voice in case none of you knew the guy is 54 years old and can still sing like a legend
b lima
Jon is so beautiful ok sorry
Marcellinus Jonathan
"Go start your own revolution.." inspiring video!!
Emmanouil Pourikas
This is serious art my friends.
andrew jamieson76
it's nice to see people helping others less fortunate than there self i take my hat of to you keep up the good work ☺👍
Samuel Lacerda
JBJ Thank you so much man
Karina Monroy
Love this video! Bon Jovi is the best. I love them. Excellent video. ❤❤
paulo sergio de sa
I am fan of Band forever... Song of my heart!!!!
Nikko Logdat
Maria Helena Lima
i love Always bon jovi❤❤❤❤
Karen Lewis
it be a great reunion when Richie comes back but still love bon Jovi
Colleen Day
Jon has the most beautiful smile ❤️