Atmosphere - “Virgo” Official Performance | Vevo

Atmosphere – "Virgo" (Vevo Performance)

Twin Cities duo Slug and Ant release albums like they’re punching the clock at the office. As Atmosphere, the pair bring a workmanlike approach to their projects: ‘Mi Vida Local’ is their ninth album since 1997, with a few compilations and EP’s sandwiched between. Somehow Slug even manages to operate beloved hip-hop label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, home to underground heroes like Brother Ali, Dilated Peoples and Aesop Rock. Here, in an intimate setting at the Vevo studio, Slug takes on the current climate in America and his own mortality on the Zodiac-tinged “Virgo.” If it’s your birthday, blow out the candles but make sure you don’t waste your wish.

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham

Director: Bram Vandermark

Editor: Colton Fordyce



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Filip Kułakowski
Good job Vevo, for once you advertised something good.
lawrence shadow
Thanks for 25 years of great music guys.. Sluggo and Ant are legends in my book!
Support artists like Atmosphere. They are a dying breed.
Ebai Derrick
Rhymesayers fans where you at?
Mario Cerros
You ain't a real lion if you love the circus!
Saiyam Verma
Saw an ad on Instagram.
Instantly swiped up and now I'm breaking the replay button.
Lucca Paranhos
I pledge allegiance to myself
Food, shelter, and health
Let me find a beach full of seashells to sell
Put your oxygen mask on first before you offer me help
I've got receipts made of scar tissue
Got the vision of somebody going fishing in the dark
When I start up the motor, it still turns over
But nowadays, a little bit slower
Never been afraid of getting older
I'm much more nervous about these public servants
Kill the lights and shut the curtains
You ain't a real lion if you love the circus
Looking at myself like, "What's the purpose?"
That's when I started to hallucinate
Tryna touch the surface and recuperate
You should've seen the look on my face when I was losing my faith
Y'all got me feeling hesitation, embarrassment
I might be the last generation of grandparents
I know that I've been fortunate for all the opportunities
Disproportionately disappointed in the human beings
I get it, we're specks of dust, at the bus stop busking for extra crust
Like fuck it, you can sacrifice me to the weather
If you promise that you'll let my songs live forever

You lookin' for a bag of tricks
But my love is like a stack of bricks
Cobblestones and untreated lumber
I'm a father of fists, strength, in numbers
And when they come for my box of dreams
I'm a finally depart from this toxic scene
No posturing, just lots of self esteem
Got you feeling like the popular queen
This ain't magic, this is fabric
And it's the type that never requires patches
And it's the fire that illustrates with ashes
It's our life, it's nothing we can't manage
Lower the arrow and take a breath
I won't waste ammo aiming at the angel of death
I might've already left, but they hear me still
With my pale knuckle grip on the steering wheel
Shawn Mclaughlin
I'm nearly 50 years old and I have yet to hear anything they have produced that has not hit my head and my heart. All I have to offer is Thank You ou for putting it out there. Till the next one I'll be hiding out in the basement.
Vistolia Photography
He might be very talented and lyrical, but most people switch off their minds listening to music - its more about the sound today. That's why artists like Migos make it big, and artists like Atmosphere stay underground
Rhymesayers forever, this song hits so hard.
By The Memeside
Lower the arrow, and take a breath

I wont waste ammo aimin at the angel of death
Mississippi Knife Nut
You aint a real lion if you love the circus. Damn bro
Quiz & Meme
I like Eminem, but never understood why he's the "GOAT". Slug has always been more deep..
Ray Serrano
Might of already left but I feel you still. - Eyedea
Breanne Plumley
I know that I've been fortunate for all the opportunities
Disproportionately disappointed in the human beings. </3
Kassie Irene
I remember when I was having an awful day on the 23rd Of August... Aka my birthday. Soon as I got a notification on my phone, a huge smile on my face grew. That’s how much I love you slug 🥰
Teckson// Thevibranium
Here from Instagram must say this is litt 🔥🔥
WND se7En
thanks for being medium famous slug
Sample Gee
I get it, we're specks of dust.
so i saw this video as an ad,,, and I was like "oh I haven't seen this guy in a while". My brother use to listen to his music a lot when I was a kid.