Methyl Ethel - Real Tight

'Real Tight' is the new single taken from Methyl Ethel's new album 'Triage' out on 4AD on February 15th 2019, buy & stream 'Real Tight' here:


Director: Matt Sav

DP: Lewis Potts

Editor: Liam Ozdemir

Props: Sally Bower

Special thanks to the Buffalo Club Fremantle

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zoe holme
When you think your favourite band couldn't get any better but they prove you wrong yet again
New Alternative 40 Chart
"Real Tight" debuted at #6 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!
Langit Biru
All of the time
Out in the background
You were sublime
But tell me real live, is this real life?
Open when you're feeling okay
I know you won’t
But real life is okay
At night, all the same

And I don't want to be
I don't want to be
I don’t want to be left behind
Do you want to be?
I want you now
So I've got to shout it
Got to do the right thing, tonight
Uh, uh, alright

Feel light, it's real tonight
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on and retire young
No collecting bags in your eyes
Feel high, so high you'd be a real kite
I counted everything twice
I measured it and cut twice
But I know, oh, me
Me and for you know it's alright
Don't come when I'm crying
Don't have to cry, you caught my eye, why?
Summon that taste in the restaurant
Saw you with the backlight
Oh, why not be mine?

Well, I cannot lie
I don’t feel right, but
I tuck you in real tight
I know you’re gonna sleep tonight
I've got real life
A real better life
I tuck you in real tight
I know you’ll get to sleep tonight
And I can't feel right
Without you by me side
I tuck you in real tight
I hope you get to sleep tonight
Victor Pierre
oh methyl ethel methyl ethel, give me this new album plez im longing for this moment
Kevin F
I’ve been sick in bed for 3 days. This made me get up and dance.
Seth King
This album Triage is so good. Like a refreshing blend of Tame Impala meets Empire of The Sun.
The vocals remind me of Andy Bull.
jake with the MOVES
I watched this on Rage this morning. It was lit.
-CH3 -CH2CH3
Jacob McIntyre
Skeleton Tiger Tame Impala
Absolutely fabolous dancing
Mark Loveridge
Seen them in Bristol UK. Amazing live.
It would be awesome if they returned. #PleaseDo
This is the song that converted me
This is amazing omg my favorite song so far!! ❤️
Billy Praise
This is how I imagined this video will look...Sigh. So cool
Tyson Cook
Good tune keep em coming boii 🤙🤙🤙
Ale Garrido
finally! I missed you!
Jo-Anne Skippy
This song always makes me feel fantastic
Pau Mendoza