Shannon K - Give Me Your Hand ft. Annabel K

Music video for Give Me Your Hand ft. Annabel K performed by Shannon K.

Give Me Your Hand (feat. Annabel K) - Single by Shannon K

Music Composer : Kyle Townsend

Lyrics Writer : Shannon K & Annabel K

Director : Fernando Ferro

Actors: Ian Bohen , Ed Westwick, David Arquette, Chrissie Fit, Briana Evigan, Drew Van Acker ,Molly Burnett, Kelly Jakle, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara,

Ryan Pinkston, Taylor Spreitler, Aubrey Miller, Chloe Noelle, Connor Dean, Shelby Young, Lex Dibenedetto, Mirjam Novak, William Valdes, Freddie Smith

Production : Iron River Pictures, David Del Rio, Maria Fernandez and team

DOP: Edgar Marrera

Camera: Jaime Fontanals

Hair-Makeup: Athena Kiapos

Copyright (C) 2018 Shannon K.

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Shannon K
Hey guys, I know this video got restricted because of content but these are the words people wrote for me in comments that’s why I thought to share my pain. I need to follow YouTube rules so I’ll have to blur the background and rerelease it by next week. Please bear with me and I hope kids will be able to watch and feel it. Please open up with your parents and parents please be kind and friendly enough with your kids so they can tell you everything ❤️
Hamza Anis
Tremendous video and a great msg !! Hello from Pakistan 🇵🇰
Gauri Ahire
You are so good yaar, why people bullied you. Really feeling bad
Princce Rose
guys just share this song , awesome messages, ✊✊👍👍👍💟🌷🙏🙏🙏 full support for shannonk
Ammar Zaidi
People only care about sexual harassment but they don’t care about bully
somnath chatterjee
Yes.....truely love is louder......such a very good msg....and this song truely will touch everyone's heart....who ever watches and feels it....i m feeling so happy after listening this song......thank u shannon ..😊
Baloch Khan
We don’t know sometime kids have to suffer by bullies 💯💯💯
Raholi Aarti
Loved it your struggle and success
Asad Gorayah
how do you write such emotional songs I loved it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vinod Sen
You said it right, People only care about sexual harassment but they don’t care about bully
Caroline Gardere
Thank for this song ! So great. I didnt know jason (drew) of pll was in it ! Good job to everyone !
Parminder Bisht
don’t care about haters we love you
Vikram Singh
I know your value and where you stand. Always great to see you
Hameed Ullah
encouragement to the youth of India
Suman Sharma
Can’t wait to hear it, this one is my fav !❤
Sharif Shakh
Loving every song of lovely Shannon !!
Arvish Malik
song really touched we all
Lmao It’s me
Abhinash Mishra
I was your fan but now I’m a lifetime fan❤️
GurPreet Singh
Hey don’t care about haters we love you!