Pistol Annies - Got My Name Changed Back (Live from Good Morning America)

Pistol Annies perform “Best Years of My Life” live for the first time on Good Morning America. Listen this track + 13 others on Pistol Annies latest album, Interstate Gospel, available now:

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Pistol Annies - Got My Name Changed Back (Live from Good Morning America) Смотреть онлайн
Susanna Kailing
Couple "old girls." Lol we know what you meant Miranda:)
Lemma Dogman
I can’t believe she’s performing and dancing while that pregnant. That’s an accomplishment.
Dana Harrison
The shade is so strong in the song! I love it! 😂😂😂😂👌
Paul Rivers
He got along with a couple road whores that's the original words lol
Keith Oconnor
Really? She couldn't say "couple of road whores"?
cheryll hamilton
They have been great since 1st album. So fun and high chemistry. And talk about harmony. Go girls
Daniel Nelson
check those wash boards abs MIRANDA has ?
Maria Kellogg
My friends works for Miranda on the road. He was there setting this up! Has always said that she is super nice
The Life Of Nikki Marie
This performance was absolutely amazing!!!!! Love "Got my name changed back" so much ❤ It definitely deserves to go up in the charts and be a #1 for Pistol Annies!
Also, how amazing is it that Miranda brought out that Old washboard to play on. She can make a paperclip into a music instrument and make it sound beautiful. Girl is beyond talented!! And all 3 can kick butt in harmony
Kelly Perkins
The other 2 Annie’s didn’t do much singing
Video Connoisseur
How much fun was that? Keep going, ladies!
Bleu Skye
Miranda looks amazing !!!!!!!!!!
Free2 choose
I knew from the first time I listen Pistol Annies that they had a winning combination that would take the world by storm.
Broke his heart and took his money. Love it.
RJ Beachlife
Pistol Annie's, love the lyrics. A hit song for sure!
Jennifer Ash
Love you pistol Annie’s!
Tamber Grable
Woohoo y'all are slaying it every time!
carrie white
I think the pistol Annie's did good like that song
Bleu Skye
That's a nice reception !!!
Rose Rethage
What a greaat song!