Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Alone On The Rope (Lyric Video)

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Rob Watt
Alwaaaaays loved this song! Glad it's finally getting some attention!
Sadie Marchant
I've waited ages for this song to get the love it deserves so I couldn't be happier right now 😁
Now that's the old NG sound! 💕
More songs like this and dead in the water please Noel
Ericka Almeida
Consigo sentir cada toque dessa música. Encantada com tanto talento desse ser.
Fabiana Massaro
Such a genius😍
Christopher Searle
I bloody love this song.
Another superb B-side.
Paulo Rodrigo Rodrigues
Essa música já tem um tempinho, ela saiu como b side de algum single do High Flying Birds, não me recordo qual mas eu fico extremamente feliz de ver que essa canção tá ganhando mais visibilidade. Uma das musicas mais sensíveis que o Noel ja escreveu, seja no Oasis ou com o NGHFB. Amo esse homem ❤❤❤
Joe Okonski
brilliant fucking tune. I can feel it branding its flavor into this group of memories through these years.
Lucas Marques
Como q um ser humano consegue fazer uma música tão perfeita dessa? vtnc
Bruno Herbert
Love This Track. Noel is God <3 Brasil #Mad4IT
Sarah Bowers
And if you can’t find no hope ..don’t look down 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😝🇬🇧
Anastasia Genelt
accidentally ran into this and never ever quit
Jay Audiss
Oasis needs a comeback with Noel at the mic...Liam is good, but Noel has soul and class...nuff said
Neil Purcell
Now that's the noel Gallagher we all love
Having a beer sat in the garden on good Friday listening to this wonderful wonderful song. Noel can sure write a good track man.
Brasil 🎶💙
Josh Beane
Uhhh, why wasn't this on the main tracklisting for the album?
Noel once again hiding single-worthy tracks as bonus ones or b-sides. haha.