Chicago - Hard Habit To Break (Symphonic Version) (Official Audio)

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Chicago - Hard Habit To Break (Symphonic Version) (Official Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Matilda Bond
Beautiful........Im addicted to you baby.
Ruth Feeney
Love Chicago it's a hard habit to break xxxxx
John Grodis
This is a beautiful rendition of classic 80's Chicago...thanks
Lindsey Ironmonger
I can't get u out of my MIND 🤯😪
Santo Diablo
please beautiful by Christina Aguilera
Lisa L Menard
What a beautiful song! I do love Chicago!
Mark Gunn Media Inc.
As a producer, I love the concept. I give an "A" for effort, but a "C-" for the execution. The arrangements are fine in that they didn't stray too far from the original. My issue is with the overall mix. I've always found that there's a very fine sonic line when it comes to mixing vocals with an orchestra.

Foster's original vocal mix lent itself to a more muscular rhythm section. The problem I have here is that you can tell that the vocal mix is just layered on top of the orchestra instead of really mixed in, making the vocals seem set apart of the song rather than actually being a part of it. The vocal could've been set a little depper into the mix.
Lindsey Ironmonger
I was acting as if u LOVED me too..😪
Denise Testa
Love it !!!!!😊 awesome group!!!!! Thankyou beautiful❤❤❤
Saad Nabil
Perfect for Soundtrack!
César Ramírez
Saad Nabil
It's beautiful!
Hardcore Gamer 1.0
Sinfonía perfecta
Susanna Patrignani
Saad Nabil
Try Van Halen Jump (Symphonic Version)! Please!!
Anabel Nuñez
Delia Matute
Alexandra Shepard
Who's singing lead?
Roman Šmelhaus