Howard Jones - What Is Love ? (80s Symphonic Version)

The new album '80s Symphonic' is out now!

15 original 80s tracks combined with symphony orchestra featuring David Bowie, Ultravox , a-ha, Tina Turner and more.

A fresh take on the 80s.

Howard Jones - What Is Love ? (80s Symphonic Version) Смотреть онлайн
Lancelot B
Awesome!! Makes the song sound like a James Bond theme song. :)
oh glubbits
Hope they do another one of these with the human league, thompson twins, omd and erasure on
First comment! Brilliant....
So happy to have Howard Jones in this collection.
Reid Ripley
What a fantastic concept! Why hasn't this been done before? This is a cracking version of an already brilliant song and the album should great too.
Phillip Blanshard
Utterly fantastic. This is on my Christmas wish list!
As I see it! Patti Dail
This is the best version ever!
Felipe Ramirez
Great job fenomenal. Bendiciones.
David Hidayat
Debuted in my weekly personal chart on November 18, 2018 edition :)
Outstanding! Rekindled my love of Howard Jones a couple summers ago when he came to Summerfest (Milwaukee - WI - USA) and I saw him live for the first time. Fantastic performer. Since I have nothing to play my 80's tapes in (if I could even find them anymore)...kinda lost track of Jones...back on board the HoJo Train.
Heidi-Marie Arapa
Absolutely brilliantly done.
You need to put these new tracks to the HD versions of the old videos. This music is simply gorgeous!!
robert lewis
Like a fine wine .
Gerald Wright
Binge time for this guy!
Bishop of Uganda
My life is complete!
Amazing!!! Well done <3
This is amazing! I have one request though, please could you boost Howard's vocal line a bit? He sounds quiet and a bit overprocessed to me; at least compared to the original versions of the song. Not enough high end. Tweak that, and it would be perfect!
Becca May
Love this!
Jennifer Felan
This is awesome!!! Love it!!!