Crowder - The Sinner's Cure (Audio)

Crowder - Official Audio for “The Sinner’s Cure,” from the album I KNOW A GHOST.

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When evil roars

And the darkness rails

When night’s so long

When everything you tried has failed

There is still return

There is still something pure

There is still love

There is the sinner’s cure

When all the hope you thought you knew you had

Runs out with the dreams of everything

You thought you’d be by now

You should be free by now

You’re screaming out

While the world spins ‘round

You thought somebody woulda noticed by now

But when you’ve reached the end

There’s the sinners cure

The sinner’s cure

And the blood ran down

The sinner’s cure

And the blood ran down

The sinner’s cure

And the blood ran down

The sinner’s cure

And the blood ran

Why did God kill His Son

Was it something I said

Or something I done

Why there have to be death

When He’s supposed to be love

Was it just me or was it bigger than we

How you get what you need

When You need glory

The King of Kings got no needs

Already got victory

You ever feel lonely and see the night sky

And think what am I, why am I here

Why am I even here

Is there not one true thing

Is there not one thing true

While You were dying for me

I was dying for you

While You were dying for me

I was dying for you

The sinner’s cure

To live for glory and it’s all Yours

All I need is the sinner’s cure

And the blood ran down

And the blood ran

Music video by Crowder performing The Sinner's Cure (Audio). © 2018 Capitol Christian Music Group, Inc.

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Cindy Newsome
Another one from Crowder that says it like I wished I could. Thanks for life changing songs David!
Tina Dupree
AMEN🙏Victory in JESUS👐💕📖👣🔯
Sabine Fanger
Thank you my beloved Yeshua💖👑🕊🌹🦋
Danica Joplin
Thank you. This song is lovely.
Stop Hate-this means YOU
This is much more artistic album than the last couple. Impressive lyrics! Much less mainstream and less accessible. I, for one, am glad!
Stanley Flowers
That is a very nice song!
Meek and Humble
Thanks Jesus
Susan Archbell
Sinner’s Cure full blast in my car stereo brings tears from God’s ❤️ love Crowder no wonder you were so excited for this release Holy Ghost awesomeness 🎶🎶💥❤️🎶💥❤️🎶🎶❤️
Christian Music Fans
I got to get this album
Dave Dave
You touched my Soul. Be blessed!
elza oliveira BALDO
Lind louvor Deus abençoe a todos vocês
Brian Johnson
Amazing ✝️ I love the spoken word verse. 🙏💗
Julia Liston
The way I been feeling it's exactly what I needed to hear I been wondering why I'm here I think I needed to be reminded that he died for me he took all my sins and I don't have to live that way no more. He is still with because he lives in me.
Love this song so much!!
Susan Archbell