Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve

Music video by Paradiso Girls performing Patron Tequila. (C) 2009 Interscope Paradiso, LLC

Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve Смотреть онлайн
lauren leibowitz
can't believe pink, jesy nelson, carrie underwood, and tinashe were in a girl group!
They should have been so much bigger than they were.
Marize Moreira
I am a girl but I gotta admit the brunette with bangs is pretty hot
2:28 Lil Jon: "I'm already drunk" Why does that not surprise me lol
I was such a hoe when I was 12
This was my shit back in 09' Lol
Aya chin
I've always liked that lady with the pixie hair ....... she's sooooooo stunning!
Lily C
They were so promising.... Why didn't they properly debut D:
Honey Onigiri
Omg it's Chelsea Korka she was my favorite on the next doll
one expensive Beats commercial
OMG I forgot about this song, I used to listen to it all the time in '09...props to Youtube for actually recommending something worthwhile for once...
Georgia B
You know what I liked about this group? Everyone is heard. It's not like the majority of groups where only one person sings and everyone else is in the back, dancing (example: Pussycat Dolls). So sad this group broke up.
Lily C
Not gonna lie, Lil Jon is pretty annoying here.
salty kpop
This was my song back in 2009!😁😂
Robyn keep making all these girl groups they have one hit and booom they just fade. Over night wtf.
Chelsea!!! omg what happened to her? :'(
one hit wonders, but... iconic bop and Lil Jon needs to stfu 😪
Miss Reytona
Anyone else here because of Adore Delano?
Kevika Wee
Lauren Bennett !!!!!!!!! now in G.R.L
It's Jowke
Beats before they became hipster condiment LOL