Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve

Music video by Paradiso Girls performing Patron Tequila. (C) 2009 Interscope Paradiso, LLC

Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila ft. Lil Jon, Eve Смотреть онлайн
lauren leibowitz
can't believe pink, jesy nelson, carrie underwood, and tinashe were in a girl group!
Robyn should just get sacked. All her groups turned out wack except the PCD. I feel sorry for so many of these girls. Talent wasted on a bad label that doesn't care. Also so white washed. They put in a latina, Asian and black girl to fill the racial quote, but gets rid of them one by one due to the excuse of "too urban". Wtf! After the PCD it all went down hill. Change your sucky policy, or fire a certain bitch on the label!
2:28 Lil Jon: "I'm already drunk" Why does that not surprise me lol
one expensive Beats commercial
Lily C
They were so promising.... Why didn't they properly debut D:
They should have been so much bigger than they were.
PJ Logronio
2018 anyone? Well its almost 2019. 2019 anyone?
Marize Moreira
I am a girl but I gotta admit the brunette with bangs is pretty hot
Aya chin
I've always liked that lady with the pixie hair ....... she's sooooooo stunning!
Maithili Sharma
2019 and still seeing this😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Honey Onigiri
Omg it's Chelsea Korka she was my favorite on the next doll
Robyn keep making all these girl groups they have one hit and booom they just fade. Over night wtf.
OMG I forgot about this song, I used to listen to it all the time in '09...props to Youtube for actually recommending something worthwhile for once...
Paris Monelle
Lily C
Not gonna lie, Lil Jon is pretty annoying here.
Olivier Orston
When this first came out I remember telling the pixie cut blonde girl "congrats on the song" on twitter to which she answered "thanks! the funniest thing is, I don't even like Tequila. I don't drink it ever!"
Salah Alanaki
Damn that song was my favorite at my college days and parties back on 2009 😂👌🏻
IT'S CHELSEA!! from the search or the new PussycatDolls
Chelsea!!! omg what happened to her? :'(
Georgia B
You know what I liked about this group? Everyone is heard. It's not like the majority of groups where only one person sings and everyone else is in the back, dancing (example: Pussycat Dolls). So sad this group broke up.