Kelly Rowland - Like This (Video) ft. Eve

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Ladies and gentlemen

Kelly's back

Told you all I was gonna bump like this

You all didn't think that I could bump like this

Said I told you all I was gonna bump like this (uh-uh)

Turn around then I make it jump like this (Ladies)

You wanna keep that boy that make it jump like this

You all didn't think that I could make it bump like this

See I told you all you all was gonna jump like this

How you not gonna know it when it hits like this

Ladies, drama, leave it - home

If he ain't got it right by now scratch him - off

They just called me

Said it's about - twenty strong

They standing at the door don't wanna take us - on

The ring let it go 'bout three months ago

The pain the stressin'

Ain't in me no more

The girl that they used to know - done changed

Now they sayin' Ms. before they mention my name

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Valeria Monice
she like a real life Barbie, I love you Kelly <3
Can't believe how underrated and unappreciated she is.
Jamyiah Max
Don't u love it when u forget about a song and hear again and it sounds even better
Au Chanel. Fantastique!
Why does everyone always compare her to Beyonce? Just because they're best friends/ cousins and were in a girl group together doesn't mean that you can keep on saying which one you prefer, who's the prettiest, and who can sing the best. Honestly, I'm sick of it, they're both beautiful and they both have good vocals and songs. Just coz bey is more well known than kelly doesn't make her better.
Corijuan Reese
People wanted Beyonce to outshine her in 2007 so bad..but 2007 was Kelly's year!! No doubt!!
Sarah Smith
black women most beautiful women in the world! Ok i may be a tad bit bias lol! but they are gorgeous tho.
Kelly and Eve both are absolutely stunning.
Demetrius Golden
but didn't she work that chair go Kelly !!
so i took a chair trying to dance like kelly damn i almost broke my neck
Kam More
She is so unbelievably beautiful. OMG, I just cannot. That skin tone and complexion is FLAWLESS
Christopher Snow
I'll take Kelly over Beyonce any day. Stunningly beautiful woman 😍
Nesha Britwood
Still my jam,still a hit. Luv you Kelly!
Kitty Cruz
Kelly so fine damnnn
Eve so damn sexy 😊 and Kelly so gorgeous love her skin tone ...
Eve makes nicki look like an amateur :/
(No hate, i love nicki, tho)
Phoebe Dawson
Can't remember what I had for dinner last week but can remember all the words. Priorities, obviously lol
Gabrielle Preston
Eves rap for this still go hard!!!🔥🔥🔥
Gemma Robertson
Her body is FLAAAWLESS :) 
Dayo Ofere
I will pick My baby Kelly over Beyoncé any day any time
Lucas Entertainment
Only 6mil views! Damn the world is missing out SMH🤦‍♂️