Eve - Love Is Blind

Music video by Eve performing Love Is Blind. (C) 1999 Ruff Ryders/Interscope Records

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No female rapper today will ever out due eve she is a amazing an true rapper she took her rapper and put true meaning in to it
Samson Manase
Damn best female rapper ever
Queen Kae
' Love is so blind because you be so in love that you don't realize that the person is hurting you or you knew you was hurting and wasn't being treated right but you stayed because the person said they loved you and that's the only "love"you felt .
anna brown
we need more songs like these in this day and age 👍thanks for this song eve stay blessed. stop domestic violence.
jakayla savage
I just got chills... Love is blind, love yourself and don't let anyone take that from you 💝💝💜💛💙💙
S.O.V. The Dark King
I'll take E.V.E ova most of these so called female "MC's" any day this Is hip hop in it's purest form
Victoria Msuya
Best female rapper of all years
esexy Lyons
I love eve...she's a true definition of a friend..she can be my ride or die chick for life and ill be hers 100 percent
Fel P
This song is too real
jakiel hollman
This is deep go eve
Jeff Money
Eve is just so good Love you Eve
Heather Robinson
yeah I would like to see the original video...but I love this song...its powerful...
Shelly J
Cardi B with her vulgar, no English speaking wannabe, is put to shame by the real dealEve!!
jen bella
Such a true song
Tamara Nkrumah
I loves this song when it came out and I love it just as much if not more years later!!! Thank you eve 🌹
at 2:14 there's a dude with a handcuff !! I wonder who he is? He's definetly not a cop haha
Eve. Still my favorite female rapper. No one has outdone her yet for me.
jen bella
This song has such strong meaning.
Salomi messado
about dr dre and current wife or michel'le