Eve - Eve (Explicit) ft. Miss Kitty

Music video directed by Peter Hamblin

Music video by Eve performing Eve (featuring Miss Kitty). (P) 2013 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by From The Rib Music

Eve - Eve (Explicit) ft. Miss Kitty Смотреть онлайн
A queen never left her throne ... Eve is back !
Lyric Hoxter
Sorry Nicki, EVE IS MY QUEEN 👐
Jane June
how is she not geting her big comeback yet??? This song is better than 90% of the top hits right now :(
Definitely my favorite female rapper. Wish she wasn't so damn underrated.
Merve Demir
I have no idea why this song doesn't have more views..
Annice Michelle
She still got it. Can't touch this chick.
Mariama Balde
a song that makes sense. I am tired of hearing nickis abbreviating all the time.
The only female rapper who represents RAP.
De Ka
Best female raper ever...EVE !!! :)
Shay Thomas
The only one representing female rappers right !
Lah Dubaii
Lip Lock was a solid project for those comparing her to Nicki Minaj you're sad Eve is a lyricist she's sold over 15 million world wide and has nothing to prove enjoy the music !!!
Ofentse Mwase Films
GOTDAM this was hot! Damn
Teri Bowers
this song didn't get as much play as it should've! Much love 😍😘❤ Philly always awake never sleep 😊
now, this is hip hop :) Eve <3
De oLHão
We miss your vibes!!please keep singing girl i miss you
Tayfun TORUN
This is the most underrated rap track ever.
Bartosz Przytuła
Ludacris would fit in so well on that track!
rakim 3
This is one of the best songs i have ever heard in my life!!!
Eve Nolan
When your name is Eve 😂❤️👑👑👑
Omg i love her face when she was like "e Evey e"