Prince - Endorphinmachine

Prince's official music video for 'Endorphinmachine,' off of "The Gold Experience"

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About the track:

The video for the song “Endorphinmachine” was created as a hidden treasure to be revealed for users who had successfully navigated their way through Prince’s “Interactive” CD-ROM. The game was released on Prince’s birthday — June 7, 1994 — in a year marked by many changes in his identity and career, and it offered the world an early taste of the album he would release the next year, The Gold Experience.

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Long before “Endorphinmachine” was released on an album it had become a staple of Prince and the NPG’s live shows; the band began performing it live in 1993 on the Act II tour, and offered a searing performance of the song on VH1’s Honors Awards in June 1994, the same month that the Interactive CD-ROM was released.

Filmed on a shimmering set, the video for “Endorphinmachine” begins with a cameo from Rain Ivana, who can be heard speaking between tracks on The Gold Experience as the NPG Operator, and stars Prince (who was then identified only by his unpronounceable symbol) and his NPG bandmates Mayte Garcia, Morris Hayes, Michael Bland, Sonny Thompson, and Tommy Barbarella.

The set backdrop features the initials TOTP, which was a reference to the BBC’s musical chart show Top of the Pops; Prince and the NPG used the same set to film a performance of the Mustang Mix of their hit “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” for the program.

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Anibal Babilonia
Man prince could play anything! From soul to funk to rock and roll! AWESOME! We miss you prince🤟😎👍
Peace Love
3 released in the middle of the beds made up at night, cause in my dreams i roam!!!
Thank U✌💜➕
David DiMuzio
Woke up to this notification!! Best way to start the day!!
Hi There
Prince was as visually appealing as he was musically. He was off the charts creative in everything he did. So much talent in one body is really astounding.
Katrina 1
One of his GREATEST rocker songs.. totally underrated
Jehblue 68
Video looks brand new although I know it's not. Totally miss this brotha!😢
Cornelius Westerfield
D*mn Mayte was sexy! Still is, but d*mn!!!
Evangelia Manafi
Prince and Mayte forever!!!!!!
Edith Violetta
Wow it's my birthday today and there are 3 new videos on the Prince channel 4 me 😍😘💜💜💜 thank u, thank u, thank u!!!
Lilia El Khatib
In all honesty mayte cant dance.... thats my opinion so dont come for me
Kay Robbie
Only Prince could get away with wearing an outrageous hat like that😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Will always love this man.
Brandon Saglin
I miss Prince.
Holy unexpected uploads Batman!
3121 MSound
This is great! Purple people, does this version seem to have more post than the two we already have? Sorta somewhere in between the original and TGE cowbell version. I am hearing stuff in this I never heard in the original before.
Claudio Sacchi
Wherever you are I just want you to know you are the best artist and parformer that has ever walked on this planet. Nobody will reach your greatness. Nobody will equal your talent.
Sexy handsome genius !! Love our sweet Prince 💜💜💜
Long live the prince!
Toni Wellons
OMFG Endorphinmachine!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Who here found that secret video baknin the day