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Prince's official music video for 'Face Down,' off of "Emancipation"

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About the track:

The video for “Face Down” is a comical send-up of haters, critics, and Prince’s former self, with extras and members of Prince’s band attending a dramatized funeral for the purple icon. The song was written shortly after the release of 1995’s The Gold Experience, which was the first album that Prince released under his unpronounceable symbol, and the video speaks to the major transformations that were taking place during that period as he declared that the artist known as Prince was now “dead.”

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As Prince’s longtime keyboardist Morris Hayes recalled, the song was inspired by a critic’s negative review of The Gold Experience album. “For the most part we had really good reviews, but we got this one scathing review… for whatever reason, this particular one kinda bothered him,” Hayes recalled in an interview with GQ. “I said, ‘You know what, Prince — they can kiss my ass. As a matter of fact, when we die they can bury us facedown and they can kiss our ass on the way out.’ I said all of this stuff, I went on a cussing tirade, and he just died laughing. And two days later he plays me this song, ‘Face Down.’”

Hayes also said that “Face Down” was one of Prince’s last songs to include excessive swearing. Although the artist was always eager to explore spirituality in his work, in the late 1990s Prince would enter one of his most explicitly religious periods as he converted to the Jehovah’s Witness faith and stopped swearing on stage and in his private life.

“Face Down” was included on the artist’s first post-Warner Bros. release, Emancipation, in the fall of 1996, and was intended to be one of the album’s commercial singles — although the company that handled the release of Emancipation, EMI, was massively reorganized that same year and the single was never properly released.

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Anthony Sablan
And the award for best delivery of the word ‘Motherfucker’ in all of music goes to...
Dr. King Messanger
This for True Die Hard Prince fans right here.
This is far better than 80% of the current rap songs.
Secola Edwards
Prince playing the violin at 2:10: LMAO!!
Perverted Alchemist
He gave Warner Bros. Records the business on this one, LOL.
Frans Buijs
Never trust a band with no drummer.
Brown Mark The Revolution
Hey! Face down should be played by all his haters out there! ( Lol )
Camille Bunn
Why do all the funerals I go to play tired old soulless cliche country music? Prince made funerals funky!
Great song. But in light of the situation , also bitter sweet. :(
Jean Lock
Prince, just brilliant as always.
No other words needed.
I remember I saw the Jam of the year tour in 1997, he rock this song live, man he brought the house down, everybody after the show talked about how he rocked Face Down.
Maria Ellicott
His and the NPGs performance of this on The Chris Rock Show was particularly DOPE af
Robee Shepherd
Even whilst rapping, Prince can't help but be major funky. <3
Bobby Jackson Junior
They wanted to see him face down, like Elvis, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. The Music Industry is still devilish and like a mafia of the elite, only money rules there.
Oh God - the scenes when he is playing violin - hilarious!!
Fa those who know da number and don't call...FUK ALL YALL! I LoVe It! Rest in peace to the funkiest ever.
Mark Kennedy
Absolutely love this. Happy Prince Friday!!
Hope on the Street
What comical genius😂
Icy Nights Icy Days
How come I ain’t seen this thug shit til now? 😂🤣😂🤣