Prince - Rock And Roll Is Alive! (and It Lives In Minneapolis)

Prince's official music video for ‘Rock 'N' Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis)' off of "The Gold Experience"

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About the track:

When Lenny Kravitz released his single “Rock and Roll is Dead” in 1995, Prince was quick to respond with his own declaration on the state of the genre: “Rock ‘n’ Roll is Alive! (And It Lives in Minneapolis)” was released as a B-side to the single “Gold” in the fall of 1995, just a few months after Lenny’s version hit the airwaves.

The move was something of an inside joke between the musicians. According to an interview Lenny gave with the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Prince called him to tell him about the single before it was released, and “they both had a good laugh.” At a listening party for The Gold Experience held by Prince at Paisley Park, the liner notes closed with the note, “Thanx Lenny, call me in Minneapolis.”

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To drive the point of his new single home, Prince turned his hometown pride up to 11 while filming the video for “Rock and Roll is Alive!” Snow is falling, the entire crew is decked out in winter gear, and Prince showcases his love for the Minnesota Vikings by donning a giant, puffy purple and gold parka.

Until now, the stand-alone video for “Rock and Roll is Alive!” has never seen a wide release; it was created at Prince’s Paisley Park compound for promotional purposes in the winter of 1995-1996, and was aired on VH1 on January 27, 1996, as part of the “Love 4 One Another” special.

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Peace Love n' Prince
Released in the middle of the night...some1's on P's schedule😘👍
J. A.
Prince is the best performer all time. Up there with Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson.
Lenny Kravitz: Rock and Roll is dead.
Prince: Rock and Roll is alive!!!
Francine Fleury
Still missing him 😢 💜💜💜💜
You thought I wouldn't catch this late night Prince upload, didn't you 💜
julian ho
So this is where mono neo got his outfit from
Azif Wekare
This song will always have a special place in my heart 'cuz I was at Paisley Park when this video was shot. Same with the Gold video. Like Archie and Edith sang..."those were the days" (of wild!)
Sherrie Keith
Sometimes it pays to be a night owl and have #Prince over for a jam! Wow 💜 🎵 Thanks!
allure searles
Rock and roll is alive and it lives in Minneapolis love this song makes you want to rock out
Stefan Segi
Michael B, what a drummer!
Jordan Nevermind
Prince will always be here with us 💜
3121 MSound
Love how he incorporated the crowd chants in this song. This is such a killer tune. Starting 2:23 in....pure genius.
Graham Smith
It's not the same without you,my funky brother.😔
Hope on the Street
Woke up to this... TODAY'S GONNA BE A GOOD DAY😊

Edit: It most definitely was. Thanks Purple One
Still MISSING him💜
Ranco Law
The one and only, Prince! The greatest of all time.
Oh I miss my musical hero so much. Darn I miss his concerts 😔
David DiMuzio
That's a dude committed to STYLE!
terry staten
This was the time that Prince on fire, when he was the artist the industry didn't pay much attention to the music, it was some of his best music of his career.
johanna anderson
Prince is not dead ✌✌✌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸