Prince - The Holy River

Prince's official music video for 'The Holy River,' off of "Emancipation"

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About the track:

The video stars Prince, Mayte in a dual role as woman and angel, and members of Prince’s live band in 1997: guitarist Kat Dyson, bassist Rhonda Smith, drummer Kirk Johnson, and keyboardist Morris Hayes. Notably, “The Holy River” depicts Prince using a mirror to write the word “SLAVE” on his own cheek — a common occurrence in the mid-1990s and a visual symbol of his ongoing dispute for creative and professional freedom, which he celebrated with the release of his first post-Warner Bros. triple album, Emancipation.

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“The Holy River” was the second single from Emancipation to be released in the U.K. and Japan on January 13, 1997, two months after the album was released (and the same day the single for “Somebody’s Somebody” was released in the United States). Later that same year, a promotional cassette single of “The Holy River” was made available in the U.S. exclusively through Borders bookstores, and the cassette featured artwork from the video that was created for the song.

Scenes for “The Holy River” were shot at Paisley Park and at Northrop Auditorium, a theater on the University of Minnesota campus in Minneapolis. At the time the video was filmed Prince hadn’t yet performed at the theater, but he would later take the stage there to guest with Carlos Santana in 1999 and to cap off his first annual Celebration festival in the summer of 2000.

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Larry Kelly
If you are reading this and like this Prince👍AND.....May the Creator of all love protect and surround you always.💜👑🎶
lonely stalker
Prince...mozart of 20th century....PERIOD
Lee Harrison
I slept on this song when Emancipation first came out, but this is honestly an incredible piece of work. Everytime I hear it, it earns more of my respect. It is so beautiful, so moving and poignant. This is the shortened radio edit version of the song but still a stunning piece by an absolutely brilliant musician and songwriter.
Makes me miss him so badly. But I like to think he lives in between the notes....
Oh Yeah! Prince Fridays are back!!
Grown Folks Music
EMANCIPATION - The Holy River! ( Meaning: The Holy River describe the spiritual journey Prince took that led to propose to Mayte Garcia! )
Val Jones, Da Oracle
Sooo beautiful. The timing tho. Crying my eyes out. All 3 of 'em.
Maya Smith
One of my most favorite songs off “Emancipation” 💜💜💜💜
Danielle Rameau
What's the use when they gonna leave out the guitar solo.
CeeCee Nunya
Let's go down 2 the holy river
If we drown then we'll be delivered
U can still see the picture upon the wall
One eye staring at nothing at all
The other one trying 2 focus through all your tears
U can try and try but there's nothin' 2 hide
U can't run from yourself and what's inside
U got 2 find the answers 2 the questions that U most fear
So over and over U ask your soul
Why'd U come down 2 a world so cold?
And the voice inside says 2night the truth will be told
U surrounded yourself with all the wrong faces
Spending your time in all the wrong places
Puttin' your faith in things that only make U cry
People say they love U when they wanna help
But how can they when U can't help yourself?
The more they say they love U, the more U just wanna die
So here we go again, the self analysis
Have another glass of Port and uh.. forget this
The band's playin' at the club 2night and they're bound 2 groove
There U are, U think U're high
U can't ask yourself cuz U'd only lie
If U had a dollar 4 every time U tried
U can't call nobody cuz they'll tell U straight up
Come and make love when U really hate 'em
Relationships based on the physical are over and done
They're over and done (They're over and done)
U'd rather have fun
With only one, with only one
Only one... one (one)
And then it hit 'cha like a fist on a wall
Who gave U life when there was none at all?
Who gave the sun permission 2 rise up everyday? (Ooh, oh yes)
Let me tell it (Go'n)
If U ask God 2 love U longer
Every breath U take will make U stronger
Keepin' U happy (happy) and proud 2 call His name (Go'n and say it)
Jesus (Jesus)
And over and over U ask your soul
Why'd U come down 2 a world so cold?
And the voice inside said 2night the truth will be told
And this time I was listening, hear me
Let's go down 2 the holy river
If we drown then we'll be delivered (Yes we will)
If we don't then we'll never see the light (No)
If U die before U try
U'll have 2 come back and face the light (Oh yes)
When U believe it, U got a good reason 2 cry (Oh my, my)
So I went on down 2 the holy river
I called my girl and told her I had something 2 give her
I asked her 2 marry me and she said yes, I cried
Oh, that night I drowned in her tears and mine
And.. and instead of a glass of sorrow and wine
Looking back y'all, I don't miss nothing except the time
And when I see that picture upon the wall
The one eye staring at nothing at all
My eyes trying 2 focus but these are much different tears
Oh, yes they are
Let's go down 2 the holy river {x3}
Let's go down 2 the holy river {x3}
Chrisy Xx
Awh man i miss him so much..! R.I.P Prince
blade brown
This was the video that brought the tears the day he passed. Was pretty numb until I got home from work and flipped channels to BET. Now, it brings a joyful smile. He knew what he was doing when he yanked our videos from here lol. New generations of fans get to discover and appreciate these visuals every week.
There's a starman waiting in the sky
One of the most talented musicians in music. Miss him so much.
Jessie Girls
I miss you Prince 😭🌹RIP My friend good memories😥👍🌹
i made a channel but idky ugh
Kimbearlys Original
Somewhere in time wherever you are, know that you are truly loved by many.
Love never dies. It is transcended beyond all space and time.
Sprinkled throughout the essence in eternal glory which is carried by each loving soul.
This my first time hearing this song. This is one many amazing songs by Prince. Also, This why Prince is one the greatest of all time.
Jordan Nevermind
Beautiful song and beautiful video - it's actually my first time seeing the video, so thank you Prince Estate, and of course thank u Prince 💜
the violet reality
Absolutely beautiful song - one of the best from Emancipation - if you love that album as much as we do, check out our interview with audio engineer HM Buff as part of our “Uncovering Prince” series - he shared a bunch of new info on this album and others he worked on 💜
CeeCee Nunya
Here's something to ponder, the bottle of wine @1:32 is labeled "Graham's". Prince was all about the details. See the way he knocked the bottle off the bar with the label shown? EVERY frame tells us something. You just have to be aware. For those of you who don't know about Larry Graham:

"In 1975, Larry Graham became one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Eventually, he was credited with introducing Prince to the faith. In the early 1980s, Graham recorded five solo albums and had several solo hits on the R&B charts. His biggest hit was "One in a Million You", a crossover hit, which reached No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1980."